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von Kalinowski on Antitrust Law

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ISBN: 9780820525952
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Prepare Yourself.

Because the effects of antitrust legislation are so pervasive, no business can afford not to be aware of the most recent developments in antitrust law. Antitrust Laws and Trade Regulation prepares practitioners to confidently advise their clients and to meet the demands of a regulatory atmosphere where the law is complex and the penalties for violations are high.

Stay Current With Sweeping Changes In Antitrust.

The government agencies responsible for regulating business practices are currently stepping up their efforts to enforce antitrust legislation. Updated with revisions and newsletters, this publication keeps you on top of the latest developments in this rapidly changing field, including: types and analysis of antitrust violations; exemptions to the antitrust laws; treatment of specific industries such as health care; citations organized by federal circuit; and a Primary Source Pamphlet with recent health care, intellectual property and international guidelines.

This is the most comprehensive detailed treatise available on antitrust. Topics include:

•  Thorough analysis of types of antitrust violation, including vertical and horizontal restraints, monopolization and price discrimination - and potential defenses to each;
•  Practical discussion of transactions that can be problematic under the Sherman, Clayton, Robinson-Patman, Federal Trade Commission and Wilson Tariff Acts;
•  Solid treatment of exemptions and immunities;
•  Guidance on the antitrust issues affecting specific industries, including telecommunications, health care, transportation, energy, the learned professions and financial institutions and markets;
•  Extensive citations organized both by category and jurisdiction;
•  Critical examination of the powers and enforcement procedures of the Federal Trade Commission and the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice, as well as analysis of private antitrust actions;
•  Concise analysis of the antitrust laws of each of the 50 states, along with the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands;
•  International antitrust laws such as the substantive and procedural framework of competition law at the European Union and Member-State levels and of Canada.

A subscription includes:

•  the quarterly Antitrust Report to provide analysis of current developments and focus on the worldwide evolution of antitrust law from a group of nationally and internationally prominent practitioners; and
•  the Antitrust Primary Source Pamphlet, which includes the text of all relevant federal and selected state statutes; DOJ and FTC guidelines and statements of policy; National Association of Attorneys General guidelines; and selected international primary source materials.

First published in 1969.

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