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Virginia Retail Franchising Act

Publisher: Michie

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2009 Edition
ISBN: 9781632801388
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2009 Edition
ISBN: 9781632801388
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The Virginia Retail Franchising Act, 2009 Edition is issued by the State Corporation Commission and reprinted from the Code of Virginia of 1950 and the 2009 Cumulative Supplement. This handy reference contains Chapter 8 of Title 13.1; Corporations, within the state of Virginia.

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Table of Contents

Title 13.1


Chapter 8 Retail Franchising Act

13.1-557 Short Title
13.1-558 Policy of the Commonwealth
13.1-559 Definitions
13.1-560 Registration Required
13.1-561 Procedure for Registration; bond; renewal; fee
13.1-561.1 Fees to Cover Expense of Regulation
13.1-562 Revocation of or Refusal to Renew Registration
13.1-563 Unlawful Offers
13.1-564 Unlawful Cancellation of Franchise; undue influence
13.1-565 Voidable Franchises
13.1-566 Service of Process on Nonresident Franchisor
13.1-567 Investigations; confidentiality of information and documents
13.1-568 Injuctions
13.1-569 Crimes
13.1-569.1 Commission May Transmit Record or Complaint to Locality Where Violation Occurred
13.1-570 Violations Punishable by Commission
13.1-571 Civil Remedies
13.1-572 Rules and Forms
13.1-573 Certain Records of Commission Available to Public; admissibility of copies; destruction
13.1-574 Effective Date