VerdictSearch New York Semiannual Index (Volume XXVIII, January - June 2011)

Publisher: ALM
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ISBN: 9781576254790
Publisher: ALM
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Turn your VerdictSearch New York subscription into a more powerful resource tool!

- Find Verdicts and Settlements in Print: Detailed and user-friendly the Index enables you to search for relevant verdicts and settlements by plaintiff, defendant, attorney, judge, expert, actions, injuries and other essential criteria.

- Expand or Refine Your Search Online: Each verdict or settlement in the Index has an "ALM ID". When you got to and enter the WEB ID in "Advanced Search," you will be able to view a detailed case report. From there you can refine your search, accessing our database of over 160,000 cases.

This volume indexes 6 months of VerdictSearch New York. More than 300 pages.