Utah Insurance Laws and Rules

This comprehensive publication features hundreds of sections from the Utah Code Annotated, Utah Administrative Code, and United States Code Service together with important bulletins from the Utah Department of Insurance.
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This comprehensive publication features hundreds of sections from the Utah Code Annotated, Utah Administrative Code, and United States Code Service, together with important bulletins from the Utah Department of Insurance.

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Table of contents

Title 31A Insurance Code
Chapter 1. General Provisions.
Part 1. Purposes, Scope, and Application, 31A-1-101 to 31A-1-110
Part 2. Construction and Interpretation, 31A-1-201 to 31A-1-205
Part 3. Definitions, 31A-1-301
Chapter 2. Administration of the Insurance Laws.
Part 1. The Insurance Department, 31A-2-101 to 31A-2-113
Part 2. Duties and Powers of Commissioner, 31A-2-201 to 31A-2-218
Part 3. Procedures and Enforcement, 31A-2-301 to 31A-2-311
Part 4. Title and Escrow Commission Act, 31A-2-401 to 31A-2-405
Chapter 3. Department Funding, Fees, and Taxes.
Part 1. Funding the Insurance Department, 31A-3-101 to 31A-3-105
Part 2. Taxation of Admitted Insurers, 31A-3-201 to 31A-3-205
Part 3. Taxation of Surplus Lines, Illegal Transactions, and Captive Insurance Companies, 31A-3-301 to 31A-3-305
Part 4. Retaliation, 31A-3-401 to 31A-3-403
Chapter 4. Insurers in General, 31A-4-101 to 31A-4-117
Chapter 5. Domestic Stock and Mutual Insurance Corporations.
Part 1. General Provisions, 31A-5-101 to 31A-5-109
Part 2. Organization of Corporations, 31A-5-201 to 31A-5-220
Part 3. Securities of Domestic Insurance Corporations, 31A-5-301 to 31A-5-307
Part 4. Management of Insurance Corporations, 31A-5-401 to 31A-5-420
Part 5. Corporate Reorganization, 31A-5-501 to 31A-5-509
Part 6. Miscellaneous Provisions, 31A-5-601, 31A-5-602
Part 7. Disclosure of Material Transactions, 31A-5-701 to 31A-5-703
Chapter 6. Service Insurance Corporations [Repealed]
Chapter 6a. Service Contracts, 31A-6a-101 to 31A-6a-111
Chapter 6b. Guaranteed Asset Protection Waiver Act.
Part 1. General Provisions, 31A-6b-101 to 31A-6b-104
Part 2. Waiver Provider Licensing and Registration, 31A-6b-201 to 31A-6b-204
Part 3. Requirements for a Guaranteed Asset Protection Waiver, 31A-6b-301 to 31A-6b-303
Part 4. Enforcement, 31A-6b-401
Chapter 7. Nonprofit Health Service Insurance Corporations.
Part 1. General Provisions, 31A-7-101 to 31A-7-107
Part 2. Organization, 31A-7-201, 31A-7-202
Part 3. Management, 31A-7-301 to 31A-7-313
Part 4. Reorganization, 31A-7-401 to 31A-7-404
Part 5. Miscellaneous Provisions, 31A-7-501, 31A-7-502
Chapter 8. Health Maintenance Organizations and Limited Health Plans.
Part 1. General Provisions, 31A-8-101 to 31A-8-109
Part 2. Domestic Organizations, 31A-8-201 to 31A-8-217
Part 3. Foreign Organizations, 31A-8-301, 31A-8-302
Part 4. Operations, 31A-8-401 to 31A-8-408
Part 5. Miscellaneous Provisions [Renumbered]
Chapter 8a. Health Discount Program Consumer Protection Act.
Part 1. General Provisions, 31A-8a-101 to 31A-81-103
Part 2. Licensure, 31A-8a-201 to 31A-8a-210
Chapter 9. Insurance Fraternals.
Part 1. General Provisions, 31A-9-101 to 31A-9-106
Part 2. Organization of Fraternals, 31A-9-201 to 31A-9-213
Part 3. Securities of Fraternals, 31A-9-301 to 31A-9-303
Part 4. Management of Fraternals, 31A-9-401 to 31A-9-414
Part 5. Corporate Reorganization, 31A-9-501 to 31A-9-504
Part 6. Miscellaneous Provisions, 31A-9-601 to 31A-9-604
Chapter 10. Annuities.
Part 1. Issuers of Gift Annuities [Repealed]
Part 2. Nontraditional Insurers, 31A-10-201 to 31A-10-203
Chapter 11. Motor Clubs, 31A-11-101 to 31A-11-114
Chapter 12. State Risk Management Fund, 31A-12-101 to 31A-12-107
Chapter 13. Employee Welfare Funds and Plans [Repealed]
Chapter 14. Foreign Insurers.
Part 1. General Provisions, 31A-14-101 to 31A-14-106
Part 2. Authorization of Foreign Insurers, 31A-14-201 to 31A-14-217
Chapter 15. Unauthorized Insurers, Surplus Lines, and Risk Retention Groups.
Part 1. Unauthorized Insurers and Surplus Lines, 31A-15-101 to 31A-15-111
Part 2. Risk Retention Groups, 31A-15-201 to 31A-15-214
Chapter 16. Insurance Holding Companies, 31A-16-101 to 31A-16-119
Chapter 16a. Risk Management and Own Risk and Solvency Assessment Act, 31A-16a-101 to 31A-16a-110
Chapter 16b. Corporate Governance Annual Disclosure Act, 31A-16b-101 to 31A-16b-108
Chapter 17. Determination of Financial Condition.
Part 1. General Provisions, 31A-17-101, 31A-17-102
Part 2. Qualified Assets, 31A-17-201 to 31A-17-203
Part 3. Solvency Standards [Repealed]
Part 4. Valuation and Reserves, 31A-17-401 to 31A-17-408
Part 5. Standard Valuation Law, 31A-17-501 to 31A-17-519
Part 6. Risk-Based Capital, 31A-17-601 to 31A-17-613
Chapter 18. Investments, 31A-18-101 to 31A-18-110
Chapter 19. Rate Regulation [Renumbered]
Chapter 19a. Utah Rate Regulation Act.
Part 1. General Provisions, 31A-19a-101 to 31A-19a-103
Part 2. General Rate Regulation, 31A-19a-201 to 31A-19a-218
Part 3. Rate Service Organizations, 31A-19a-301 to 31A-19a-309
Part 4. Workers’ Compensation Rates, 31A-19a-401 to 31A-19a-408
Chapter 20. Underwriting Restrictions, 31A-20-101 to 31A-20-110
Chapter 21. Insurance Contracts in General.
Part 1. General Rules, 31A-21-101 to 31A-21-112
Part 2. Approval of Forms, 31A-21-201 to 31A-21-203
Part 3. Specific Clauses in Contracts, 31A-21-301 to 31A-21-316
Part 4. Mass Marketed Life or Accident and Health Insurance, 31A-21-401 to 31A-21-404
Part 5. Domestic Violence or Child Abuse — Insurance Practices, 31A-21-501 to 31A-21-506
Chapter 22. Contracts in Specific Lines.
Part 1. Contracts of Suretyship, 31A-22-101 to 31A-22-108
Part 2. Liability Insurance in General, 31A-22-201 to 31A-22-205
Part 3. Motor Vehicle Insurance, 31A-22-301 to 31A-22-322
Part 4. Life Insurance and Annuities, 31A-22-400 to 31A-22-431
Part 5. Group Life Insurance, 31A-22-501 to 31A-22-522
Part 6. Accident and Health Insurance, 31A-22-600 to 31A-22-655
Part 7. Group Accident and Health Insurance, 31A-22-701 to 31A-22-726
Part 8. Credit Life and Accident and Health Insurance, 31A-22-801 to 31A-22-809
Part 9. Contracts of Fraternal Insurers, 31A-22-901 to 31A-22-904
Part 10. Workers’ Compensation Insurance Contracts, 31A-22-1001 to 31A-22-1016
Part 11. Legal Expense Insurance, 31A-22-1101, 31A-22-1102
Part 12. Reinsurance, 31A-22-1201 to 31A-22-1204
Part 13. Miscellaneous Provisions, 31A-22-1300 to 31A-22-1309
Part 14. Long-Term Care Insurance Standards, 31A-22-1401 to 31A-22-1415
Part 15. Liability Insurance for Motorboats, 31A-22-1501 to 31A-22-1504
Part 16. Genetic Testing Restrictions on Insurers Act, 31A-22-1601, 31A-22-1602
Part 17. Property and Casualty Certificate of Insurance Act, 31A-22-1701 to 31A-22-1707
Part 18. Portable Electronics Insurance Act, 31A-22-1801 to 31A-22-1810
Part 19. Unclaimed Life Insurance and Annuity Benefits Act, 31A-22-1901 to 31A-22-1903
Part 20. Limited Long-Term Care Insurance Act, 31A-22-2001 to 31A-22-2006
Chapter 23. Insurance Marketing — Licensing Agents, Brokers, Consultants, and Reinsurance Intermediaries [Renumbered]
Chapter 23a. Insurance Marketing — Licensing Producers, Consultants, and Reinsurance Intermediaries.
Part 1. General Provisions, 31A-23a-101 to 31A-23-118
Part 2. Producers and Consultants, 31A-23a-201 to 31A-23a-208
Part 3. Agencies, 31A-23a-301, 31A-23a-302
Part 4. Marketing Practices, 31A-23a-401 to 31A-23a-417
Part 5. Compensation of Producers and Consultants, 31A-23a-501 to 31A-23a-505
Part 6. Managing General Agents, 31A-23a-601 to 31A-23a-605
Part 7. Producer Controlled Insurers, 31A-23a-701 to 31A-23a-704
Part 8. Reinsurance Intermediaries, 31A-23a-801 to 31A-23a-809
Part 9. Travel Insurance Act, 31A-23a-901 to 31A-23a-907
Part 10. Affiliated Business in Title Insurance, 31A-23a-1001 to 31A-23a-1007
Chapter 23b. Navigator License Act.
Part 1. General Provisions, 31A-23b-101, 31A-23b-102
Part 2. Licensing, 31A-23b-201 to 31A-23b-211
Part 3. Unlawful Conduct and Limitation of Scope of Practice, 31A-23b-301
Part 4. License Denial and Discipline, 31A-23b-401 to 31A-23b-404
Chapter 24. Regulation of Independent Escrows [Repealed]
Chapter 25. Third Party Administrators.
Part 1. General Provisions, 31A-25-101, 31A-25-102
Part 2. Licensing of Third Party Administrators, 31A-25-201 to 31A-25-210
Part 3. Administrative Practices, 31A-25-301 to 31A-25-307
Part 4. Compensation of Third Party Administrators, 31A-25-401, 31A-25-402
Chapter 26. Insurance Adjusters.
Part 1. General Provisions, 31A-26-101 to 31A-26-103
Part 2. Licensing and Registration of Insurance Adjusters, 31A-26-201 to 31A-26-216
Part 3. Claim Practices, 31A-26-301 to 31A-26-313
Part 4. Public Adjusters, 31A-26-401 to 31A-26-403
Chapter 27. Delinquency Administrative Action Provisions.
Part 1. General Provisions [Renumbered/Repealed]
Part 2. Summary Proceedings [Renumbered/Repealed]
Part 3. Formal Proceedings [Repealed]
Part 4. Interstate Relations [Repealed]
Part 5. Administrative Actions, 31A-27-501 to 31A-27-504
Chapter 27a. Insurer Receivership Act.
Part 1. General Provisions, 31A-27a-101 to 31A-27a-120
Part 2. Proceedings, 31A-27a-201 to 31A-27a-209
Part 3. Rehabilitation, 31A-27a-301 to 31A-27a-305
Part 4. Liquidation, 31A-27a-401 to 31A-27a-407
Part 5. Asset Recovery, 31A-27a-501 to 31A-27a-516
Part 6. Claims, 31A-27a-601 to 31A-27a-612
Part 7. Distributions, 31A-27a-701 to 31A-27a-705
Part 8. Discharge, 31A-27a-801 to 31A-27a-805
Part 9. Interstate Relations, 31A-27a-901, 31A-27a-902
Chapter 28. Guaranty Associations.
Part 1. Utah Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association Act, 31A-28-101 to 31A-28-120
Part 2. Property and Casualty Guaranty Association, 31A-28-201 to 31A-28-222
Part 3. Health Care Insurance Guaranty Association [Repealed]
Chapter 29. Comprehensive Health Insurance Pool Act [Repealed]
Chapter 30. Individual, Small Employer, and Group Health Insurance Act.
Part 1. Individual and Small Employer Group, 31A-30-101 to 31A-30-118
Part 2. Defined Contribution Arrangements [Repealed]
Part 3. Individual and Small Employer Risk Adjustment Act [Repealed]
Chapter 31. Insurance Fraud Act, 31A-31-101 to 31A-31-112
Chapter 32. Medical Care Savings Account Act [Repealed]
Chapter 32a. Medical Care Savings Account Act, 31A-32a-101 to 31A-32a-107
Chapter 33. Workers’ Compensation Fund [Repealed]
Chapter 34. Voluntary Health Insurance Purchasing Alliance Act [Repealed]
Chapter 35. Bail Bond Act.
Part 1. General Provisions, 31A-35-101 to 31A-35-104
Part 2. Commercial Bail Bond Surety Oversight Board, 31A-35-201, 31A-35-202
Part 3. Insurance Commissioner’s Duties, 31A-35-301
Part 4. License or Certificate of Authority, 31A-35-401 to 31A-35-407
Part 5. Action Regarding a License, 31A-35-501 to 31A-35-504
Part 6. Conduct of Bail Bond Business, 31A-35-601 to 31A-35-608
Part 7. Prohibitions and Penalties, 31A-35-701 to 31A-35-704
Chapter 36. Life Settlements Act, 31A-36-101 to 31A-36-119
Chapter 37. Captive Insurance Companies Act.
Part 1. General Provisions, 31A-37-101 to 31A-37-106
Part 2. Certificate of Authority, 31A-37-201 to 31A-37-205
Part 3. Requirements, 31A-37-301 to 31A-37-306
Part 4. Sponsored Captive Insurance Companies, 31A-37-401 to 31A-37-404
Part 5. Department Enforcement, 31A-37-501 to 31A-37-505
Part 6. Captive Reinsurance Companies [Repealed]
Part 7. Dormancy, 31A-37-701, 31A-37-702
Chapter 37a. Special Purpose Financial Captive Insurance Company Act.
Part 1. General Provisions, 31A-37a-101 to 31A-37a-105
Part 2. Certificate of Authority and Operations, 31A-37a-201 to 31A-37a-205
Part 3. Formation and Assets, 31A-37a-301 to 31A-37a-304
Part 4. Reinsurance, 31A-37a-401, 31A-37a-402
Part 5. Enforcement and Delinquency, 31A-37a-501, 31A-37a-502
Chapter 38. Federal Health Care Tax Credit Program Act, 31A-38-101 to 31A-38-104
Chapter 39. Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Compact, 31A-39-101
Chapter 40. Professional Employer Organization Licensing Act.
Part 1. General Provisions, 31A-40-101 to 31A-40-104
Part 2. Coemployment Relationship and Professional Employer Services, 31A-40-201 to 31A-40-212
Part 3. Licensing Requirements, 31A-40-301 to 31A-40-309
Part 4. Enforcement, 31A-40-401, 31A-40-402
Chapter 41. Title Insurance Recovery, Education, and Research Fund Act.
Part 1. General Provisions, 31A-41-101 to 31A-41-103
Part 2. Creation of Fund, 31A-41-201 to 31A-41-203
Part 3. Claims on Fund, 31A-41-301 to 31A-41-306
Chapter 42. Defined Contribution Risk Adjuster Act [Repealed]
Chapter 42a. Utah Statewide Risk Adjuster Act [Repealed]
Chapter 43. Small Employer Stop-Loss Insurance Act.
Part 1. General Provisions, 31A-43-101, 31A-43-102
Part 2. Scope of Chapter, 31A-43-201, 31A-43-202
Part 3. Stop-loss Insurance, 31A-43-301 to 31A-43-304
Chapter 44. Continuing Care Provider Act.
Part 1. General Provisions, 31A-44-101 to 31A-44-104
Part 2. Registration, 31A-44-201 to 31A-44-206
Part 3. Provider Disclosure, 31A-44-301 to 31A-44-314
Part 4. Operations, 31A-44-401 to 31A-44-405
Part 5. Rehabilitation and Liquidation, 31A-44-501 to 31A-44-506
Part 6. Enforcement, 31A-44-601 to 31A-44-605
Chapter 45. Managed Care Organizations.
Part 1. General Provisions, 31A-45-101 to 31A-45-103
Part 2. Applicability to Other Provisions of Law, 31A-45-201
Part 3. Relationships with Providers, 31A-45-301 to 31A-45-305
Part 4. Access to Services for Managed Care Enrollees, 31A-45-401 to 31A-45-403
Part 5. Network Adequacy, 31A-45-501
Chapter 46. Pharmacy Benefits Act.
Part 1. General Provisions, 31A-46-101, 31A-46-102
Part 2. Licensure, 31A-46-201, 31A-46-202
Part 3. Operating Requirements, 31A-46-301 to 31A-46-309
Part 4. Miscellaneous, 31A-46-401, 31A-46-402
Chapter 47. Insurance Regulatory Sandbox Program, 31A-47-101 to 31A-47-108
Chapter 48. Prescription Drug Price Transparency Act, 31A-48-101 to 31A-48-103

Related Statutes

Title 34A. Utah Labor Code.
Chapter 2. Workers’ Compensation Act.
Part 1. General Provisions, 34A-2-101 to 34A-2-114
Part 2. Securing Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Employees, 34A-2-201 to 34A-2-213
Part 3. Protection of Life, Health, and Safety, 34A-2-301, 34A-2-302
Part 4. Compensation and Benefits, 34A-2-401 to 34A-2-424
Part 5. Industrial Noise, 34A-2-501 to 34A-2-507
Part 6. Medical Evaluations, 34A-2-601 to 34A-2-604
Part 7. Funds, 34A-2-701 to 34A-2-706
Part 8. Adjudication, 34A-2-801 to 34A-2-803
Part 9. Presumptions for Emergency Medical Services Providers, 34A-2-901 to 34A-2-905
Part 10. Workers’ Compensation Coverage Waivers Act, 34A-2-1001 to 34A-2-1005
Part 11. Presumptions for First Responders, 34A-2-1101 to 34A-2-1106
Chapter 11. Genetic Testing Restrictions on Employers, 34A-11-101, 34A-11-102

Title 41. Motor Vehicles.
Chapter 1a. Motor Vehicle Act.
Part 10. Salvage Vehicles — Junk and Dismantled Vehicles, 41-1a-1001 to 41-1a-1005.5, 41-1a-1008.5
Chapter 12a. Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility.
Part 1. General Provisions, 41-12a-101 to 41-12a-104
Part 2. Administration, 41-12a-201, 41-12a-202
Part 3. Owner’s or Operator’s Security Requirement, 41-12a-301 to 41-12a-306
Part 4. Proof of Owner’s or Operator’s Security, 41-12a-401 to 41-12a-412
Part 5. Post-Accident Security Requirements and Satisfaction of Judgments, 41-12a-501 to 41-12a-513
Part 6. Miscellaneous Enforcement Provisions, 41-12a-601 to 41-12a-606
Part 7. Detection of Uninsured Motorists [Repealed]
Part 8. Uninsured Motorist Identification Database Program, 41-12a-801 to 41-12a-806

Title 59. Revenue and Taxation.
Chapter 9. Taxation of Admitted Insurers, 59-9-101 to 59-9-108

Title 63A. Utah Administrative Services Code.
Chapter 12. Public Records Management Act, 63A-12-100 to 63A-12-113

Title 63G. General Government.
Chapter 2. Government Records Access and Management Act.
Part 1. General Provisions, 63G-2-101 to 63G-2-108
Part 2. Access to Records, 63G-2-201 to 63G-2-208
Part 3. Classification, 63G-2-301 to 63G-2-310
Part 4. Appeals, 63G-2-400.5 to 63G-2-406
Part 5. State Records Committee, 63G-2-501, 63G-2-502
Part 6. Collection of Information and Accuracy of Records, 63G-2-601 to 63G-2-604
Part 7. Applicability to Political Subdivisions, the Judiciary, and the Legislature, 63G-2-701 to 63G-2-703
Part 8. Remedies, 63G-2-801 to 63G-2-804
Part 9. Public Associations, 63G-2-901
Chapter 3. Utah Administrative Rulemaking Act.
Part 1. General Provisions, 63G-3-101, 63G-3-102
Part 2. Circumstances Requiring Rulemaking — Status of Administrative Rules, 63G-3-201, 63G-3-202
Part 3. Rulemaking Procedures, 63G-3-301 to 63G-3-305
Part 4. Office of Administrative Rules, 63G-3-401 to 63G-3-403
Part 5. Legislative Oversight, 63G-3-501, 63G-3-502
Part 6. Judicial Review, 63G-3-601 to 63G-3-603
Part 7. Official Compilation of Administrative Rules, 63G-3-701, 63G-3-702
Chapter 4. Administrative Procedures Act.
Part 1. General Provisions, 63G-4-101 to 63G-4-108
Part 2. Adjudicative Proceedings, 63G-4-201 to 63G-4-209
Part 3. Agency Review, 63G-4-301, 63G-4-302
Part 4. Judicial Review, 63G-4-401 to 63G-4-405
Part 5. Orders and Enforcement, 63G-4-501 to 63G-4-503
Part 6. Electronic Records, 63G-4-601

Title 63I. Oversight
Chapter 1. Legislative Oversight and Sunset Act.
Part 2. Repeal Dates Requiring Committee Review by

Title, 63I-1-231, 63I-1-241
Chapter 2. Repeal Dates by Title Act.
Part 2. Repeal Dates by Title, 63I-2-231

Title 77. Utah Code of Criminal Procedure.
Chapter 20. Bail, 77-20-1 to 77-20-13
Chapter 20b. Bail Surety, 77-20b-100 to 77-20b-105

United States Code

Title 18. Crimes and Criminal Procedure.
Chapter 47. Fraud and False Statements, 1033, 1034

Utah Insurance Rules
R590. Administration, R590-67 to R590-284
R592. Title and Escrow Commission, R592-1 to R592-17

Utah Insurance Bulletins
Insurance Department Bulletins