Utah Administrative Code Annotated

The Official Guide to Utah Administrative Rules in Easy-to-Use Softbound Format!
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Print Book :10 volume, softbound
2021 Edition
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ISBN: 9781663302250
Publisher: LexisNexis
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Arranged sequentially by title, Utah Administrative Code Annotated contains the most up-to-date compilation of permanent administrative rules legally promulgated by Utah State agencies, with history and case notes and other annotations throughout.

And in response to customer suggestions, the ten volumes of Utah Administrative Code Annotated are now available in a convenient softbound format for greater accessibility! To ensure the most recent information is included, the set is replaced annually and updated with a mid-year supplement. Each volume is also available for purchase separately.

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Table of contents

Utah Administrative Code 2019 Edition

Volume 1
Administrative Rulemaking Act &#40Utah Code, Title 63G, Chapter 3&#41
Administrative Services, R13&#45R37
Agriculture and Food, R51&#45R70
Alcoholic Beverage Control, R81
Attorney General, R105
Auditor, R123
Capitol Preservation Board &#40State&#41, R131
Career Service Review Office, R137

Volume 2
Commerce, R151&#45R164
Communications Authority Board &#40Utah&#41, R174
Corrections, R251
Crime Victim Reparations, R270
Education, R277, R280

Volume 3
Environmental Quality, R305&#45R317

Volume 4
Examiners &#40Board of&#41, R320
Fair Corporation &#40Utah State&#41, R325
Financial Institutions, R331&#45R343
Governor, R356&#45R362
Health, R380&#45R448

Volume 5
Heritage and Arts, R450&#45R458
Housing Corporation &#40Utah&#41, R460
Human Resource Management, R477
Human Services, R495&#45R549

Volume 6
Insurance, R590, R592
Judicial Conduct Commission, R595
Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission, R597
Labor Commission, R600&#45R616
Lieutenant Governor, R622, R623
Money Management Council, R628

Volume 7
Natural Resources, R634&#45R657

Volume 8
Pardons &#40Board of&#41, R671
Public Education Job Enhancement Program, R690
Public Lands Policy Coordinating Office, R694
Public Safety, R698&#45R728
Public Service Commission, R746
Regents &#40Board of&#41, R765&#45R810
School and Institutional Trust Fund Board of Trustees, R849
School and Institutional Trust Lands, R850
Science Technology and Research Governing Authority &#40Utah&#41, R856

Volume 9
Tax Commission, R861&#45R884
Technology Services, R895
Transportation, R907&#45R933
Transportation Commission, R940
Treasurer, R966
Veterans&#146 and Military Affairs, R978
Workforce Services, R982&#45R994

Volume 10
Index of Changes
Tables of Authority Cited