USCS Transportation Set: Title 49

Using the exact language of Congress, USCS gives you an annotated, comprehensive reference to all 50 U.S. Code titles, the Constitution and selected rules of federal courts and administrative agencies.
Publisher: Michie
Print Book :5 volumes, hardbound
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ISBN: 9780327134732
Publisher: Michie
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Product description

Using the exact language of Congress, USCS gives you an annotated, comprehensive reference to all 50 U.S. Code titles, the Constitution and selected rules of federal courts and administrative agencies.

USCS Mini-Sets are designed to be kept in your office. No more frustrating searches for misplaced library copies.

  • Broader coverage - USCS casenotes cover decisions appearing in specialty reports such as CCH and BNA and more agency opinions than any other annotated code.

  • Selective case annotations - USCS casenotes only cover decisions that offer actual interpretation, construction or application of a section or court rule so you don't waste time reviewing meaningless annotations.

  • Cross-references to Authoritative Matthew Bender Treatises - USCS' exclusive cross-references to Nimmer on Copyright, Weinstein's Federal Evidence, Second Edition and other leading treatises provide links to expert analysis you can't find anywhere else.


    Table of contents

    SUBTITLE I. Department of Transportation
    Chapter 1. Organization
    Chapter 3. General Duties and Powers
    Chapter 5. Special Authority
    Chapter 7. Surface Transportation Board—Transferred

    SUBTITLE II. Other Government Agencies
    Chapter 11. National Transportation Safety Board
    Chapter 13 Surface Transportation Board
    Chapter 31. Motor Carrier Safety—Redesignated

    SUBTITLE III. General and Intermodal Programs
    Chapter 51. Transportation of Hazardous Material
    Chapter 53. Public Transportation
    Chapter 55. Intermodal Transportation
    Chapter 57. Sanitary Food Transportation
    Chapter 59 Intermodal Safe Container Transportation
    Chapter 61. One–Call Notification Programs
    Chapter 63. Bureau of Transportation Statistics
    Chapter 65 Research Planning

    SUBTITLE IV. Interstate Transportation
    PART A. Rail
    Chapter 101. General Provisions
    Chapter 105. Jurisdiction
    Chapter 107. Rates
    Chapter 109. Licensing
    Chapter 111. Operations
    Chapter 113. Finance
    Chapter 115. Federal–State Relations
    Chapter 117. Enforcement– Investigations, Rights, and Remedies
    Chapter 119. Civil and Criminal Penalties

    PART B. Motor Carriers, Water Carriers, Brokers, and Freight Forwarders
    Chapter 131. General Provisions
    Chapter 133. Administrative Provisions
    Chapter 135. Jurisdiction
    Chapter 137. Rates and through Routes
    Chapter 139. Registration
    Chapter 141. Operations of Carriers
    Chapter 143. Finance
    Chapter 145. Federal–State Relations
    Chapter 147. Enforcement– Investigations– Rights– Remedies
    Chapter 149. Civil and Criminal Penalties

    PART C. Pipeline Carriers
    Chapter 151. General Provisions
    Chapter 153. Jurisdiction
    Chapter 155. Rates
    Chapter 157. Operations of Carriers
    Chapter 159. Enforcement– Investigations, Rights, and Remedies
    Chapter 161. Civil and Criminal Penalties

    SUBTITLE V. Rail Programs
    PART A. Safety
    Chapter 201. General
    Chapter 203. Safety Appliances
    Chapter 205. Signal Systems
    Chapter 207. Locomotives
    Chapter 209. Accidents and Incidents
    Chapter 211. Hours of Service
    Chapter 213. Penalties

    PART B. Assistance
    Chapter 221. Local Rail Freight Assistance
    Chapter 223. Capital Grants for Class II and Class III Railroads
    Chapter 225. Federal Grants to States for Highway–Rail Grade Crossing Safety —Repealed
    Chapter 227. State Rail Plans

    PART C. Passenger Transportation
    Chapter 241. General
    Chapter 242 Project Delivery
    Chapter 243. Amtrak
    Chapter 244. Rail Improvement Grants
    Chapter 245. Amtrak Commuter —Repealed
    Chapter 247. Amtrak Route System
    Chapter 249. Northeast Corridor Improvement Program

    PART D. High–Speed Rail
    Chapter 261. High–Speed Rail Assistance

    PART E. Miscellaneous
    Chapter 281. Law Enforcement
    Chapter 283. Standard Work Day
    Chapter 285. Commuter Rail Mediation

    SUBTITLE VI. Motor Vehicle and Driver Programs
    PART A. General
    Chapter 301. Motor Vehicle Safety
    Chapter 303. National Driver Register
    Chapter 305. National Motor Vehicle Title Information System

    PART B. Commercial
    Chapter 311. Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety
    Chapter 313. Commercial Motor Vehicle Operators
    Chapter 315. Motor Carrier Safety
    Chapter 317. Participation in International Registration Plan and International Fuel Tax Agreement

    PART C. Information, Standards, and Requirements
    Chapter 321. General
    Chapter 323. Consumer Information
    Chapter 325. Bumper Standards
    Chapter 327. Odometers
    Chapter 329. Automobile Fuel Economy
    Chapter 331. Theft Prevention

    SUBTITLE VII. Aviation Programs
    PART A. Air Commerce and Safety
    SUBPART I. General
    Chapter 401. General

    SUBPART II. Economic Regulation
    Chapter 411. Air Carrier Certificates
    Chapter 413. Foreign Air Transportation
    Chapter 415. Pricing
    Chapter 417. Operations of Carriers
    Chapter 419. Transportation of Mail
    Chapter 421. Labor–Management Provisions
    Chapter 423. Passenger Air Service Improvements

    SUBPART III. Safety
    Chapter 441. Registration and Recordation of Aircraft
    Chapter 443. Insurance
    Chapter 445. Facilities, Personnel, and Research
    Chapter 447. Safety Regulation
    Chapter 449. Security
    Chapter 451. Alcohol and Controlled Substances Testing
    Chapter 453. Fees

    SUBPART IV. Enforcement and Penalties
    Chapter 461. Investigations and Proceedings
    Chapter 463. Penalties
    Chapter 465. Special Aircraft Jurisdiction of the United States

    PART B. Airport Development and Noise
    Chapter 471. Airport Development
    Chapter 473. International Airport Facilities
    Chapter 475. Noise

    PART C. Financing
    Chapter 481. Airport and Airway Trust Fund Authorizations
    Chapter 482. Advance Appropriations for Airport and Airway Trust Facilities
    Chapter 483. Aviation Security Funding

    PART D. Public Airports
    Chapter 491. Metropolitan Washington Airports

    PART E. Miscellaneous
    Chapter 501. Buy–American Preferences

    SUBTITLE VIII. Pipelines
    Chapter 601. Safety
    Chapter 603. User Fees
    Chapter 605. Interstate Commerce Regulation

    SUBTITLE IX. Multimodal Freight Transportation
    Chapter 701 Multimodal Freight Policy
    Chapter 702 Multimodal Freight Transportation Planning and Information
    Chapter 703 Space Transportation Infrastructure Matching Grants —Transferred

    SUBTITLE X. Miscellaneous
    Chapter 801. Bills of Lading
    Chapter 803. Contraband
    Chapter 805. Miscellaneous