USCS Public Lands/Public Printing and Documents Set: Titles 43-44

Using the exact language of Congress, USCS gives you an annotated, comprehensive reference to all 50 U.S. Code titles, the Constitution and selected rules of federal courts and administrative agencies.
Publisher: Michie
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ISBN: 9781663336835
Publisher: Michie
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Product description

Using the exact language of Congress, USCS gives you an annotated, comprehensive reference to all 50 U.S. Code titles, the Constitution and selected rules of federal courts and administrative agencies.

USCS Mini-Sets are designed to be kept in your office. No more frustrating searches for misplaced library copies.

  • Broader coverage - USCS casenotes cover decisions appearing in specialty reports such as CCH and BNA and more agency opinions than any other annotated code.

  • Selective case annotations - USCS casenotes only cover decisions that offer actual interpretation, construction or application of a section or court rule so you don't waste time reviewing meaningless annotations.

  • Cross-references to Authoritative Matthew Bender Treatises - USCS' exclusive cross-references to Nimmer on Copyright, Weinstein's Federal Evidence, Second Edition and other leading treatises provide links to expert analysis you can't find anywhere else.


    Table of contents

    Title 43 – Public Lands

    Chapter 1    Bureau of Land Management

    Chapter 2    United States Geological Survey

    Chapter 3    Surveys

    Chapter 4    District Land Offices

    Chapter 5    Land Districts

    Chapter 6    Withdrawal from Settlement, Location, Sale, or Entry2

    Chapter 7    Homesteads

    Chapter 8    Timber and Stone Lands

    Chapter 8A   Grazing Lands

    Chapter 9    Desert-Land Entries

    Chapter 10   Underground-Water Reclamation Grants

    Chapter 11   Discovery, Development, and Marking of Water Holes, etc., by Government

    Chapter 11A   Board on Geographic Names

    Chapter 12   Reclamation and Irrigation of Lands by Federal Government

    Chapter 12A   Boulder Canyon Project

    Chapter 12B   Colorado River Storage Project

    Chapter 13   Federal Lands Included in State Irrigation Districts

    Chapter 14   Grants of Desert Lands to States for Reclamation

    Chapter 15   Appropriation of Waters; Reservoir Sites

    Chapter 16   Sale and Disposal of Public Lands

    Chapter 17   Reservation and Sale of Town Sites on Public Lands

    Chapter 18   Survey of Public Lands

    Chapter 19   Bounty Lands

    Chapter 20   Reservations and Grants to States for Public Purposes

    Chapter 21   Grants in Aid of Railroads and Wagon Roads

    Chapter 21A   Forfeiture of Northern Pacific Railroad Indemnity Land Grants

    Chapter 22.   Rights of Way and Other Easements in Public Lands

    Chapter 23.   Grants of Swamp and Overflowed Lands

    Chapter 24.   Drainage under State Laws

    Chapter 25.   Unlawful Inclosures or Occupancy; Obstructing Settlement or Transit

    Chapter 25A.   Lands Held under Color of Title

    Chapter 26.   Abandoned Military Reservations

    Chapter 27.   Public Lands in Oklahoma

    Chapter 28.   Miscellaneous Provisions Relating to the Public Land

    Chapter 29.   Submerged Lands

    Chapter 30.   Administration of Public Lands

    Chapter 31.   Department of the Interior

    Chapter 32.   Colorado River Basin Project

    Chapter 32A.   Colorado River Basin Salinity Control

    Chapter 32B.   Colorado River Floodway

    Chapter 33.   Alaska Native Claims Settlement

    Chapter 33A.   Implementation of Alaska Native Claims Settlement and Alaska Statehood

    Chapter 34.   Trans-Alaska Pipeline

    Chapter 35.   Federal Land Policy and Management

    Chapter 36.   Outer Continental Shelf Resource Management

    Chapter 37.   Public Rangelands Improvement

    Chapter 38.   Crude Oil Transportation Systems

    Chapter 39.   Abandoned Shipwrecks

    Chapter 40.   Reclamation States Emergency Drought Relief

    Chapter 41.   Federal Land Transaction Facilitation

    Chapter 42.   Rural Water Supply

    Chapter 43.   Disposition of Suspended Entries and Claims; Patents

    Chapter 44.   Oregon and California Railroad and Coos Bay Wagon Road Grant Lands

    Chapter 45.   State Control of Noxious Plants on Federal Lands

    Chapter 46.   Geospatial Data

    Chapter 47.   Reclamation Title Transfer

    Title 44 – Public Printing and Documents

    Chapter 1.    Joint Committee on Printing

    Chapter 3.    Government Printing Office [Government Publishing Office]

    Chapter 5.    Production and Procurement of Printing and Binding

    Chapter 7.    Congressional Printing and Binding

    Chapter 9.    Congressional Record

    Chapter 11.   Executive and Judiciary Printing and Binding

    Chapter 13.   Particular Reports and Documents

    Chapter 15.   Federal Register and Code of Federal Regulations

    Chapter 17.   Distribution and Sale of Public Documents

    Chapter 19.   Depository Library Program

    Chapter 21.   National Archives and Records Administration

    Chapter 22.   Presidential Records

    Chapter 23.   National Archives Trust Fund Board

    Chapter 25.   National Historical Publications and Records Commission

    Chapter 27.   Advisory Committee on the Records of Congress

    Chapter 29.   Records Management by the Archivist of the United States

    Chapter 31.   Records Management by Federal Agencies

    Chapter 33   Disposal of Records

    Chapter 35.   Coordination of Federal Information Policy

    Chapter 36.   Management and Promotion of Electronic Government Services

    Chapter 37.   Advertisements by Government Agencies

    Chapter 39.   Government Printing Office [Government Publishing Office]: Office of Inspector General

    Chapter 41.   Access to Federal Electronic Information