USCS Postal Service/Public Buildings, Property and Works Set: Titles 39-40

Using the exact language of Congress, USCS gives you an annotated, comprehensive reference to all 50 U.S. Code titles, the Constitution and selected rules of federal courts and administrative agencies.
Publisher: Michie
Print Book :2 volumes, hardbound
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ISBN: 9781663333544
Publisher: Michie
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Product description

Using the exact language of Congress, USCS gives you an annotated, comprehensive reference to all 50 U.S. Code titles, the Constitution and selected rules of federal courts and administrative agencies.

USCS Mini-Sets are designed to be kept in your office. No more frustrating searches for misplaced library copies.

  • Broader coverage - USCS casenotes cover decisions appearing in specialty reports such as CCH and BNA and more agency opinions than any other annotated code.

  • Selective case annotations - USCS casenotes only cover decisions that offer actual interpretation, construction or application of a section or court rule so you don't waste time reviewing meaningless annotations.

  • Cross-references to Authoritative Matthew Bender Treatises - USCS' exclusive cross-references to Nimmer on Copyright, Weinstein's Federal Evidence, Second Edition and other leading treatises provide links to expert analysis you can't find anywhere else.


    Table of contents

    Title 39 – Postal Service 

    PART I.   General

    Chapter 1.   Postal Policy and Definitions

    Chapter 2.   Organization

    Chapter 4.   General Authority

    Chapter 5.   Postal Regulatory Commission

    Chapter 6.   Private Carriage of Letters

    PART II.   Personnel

    Chapter 10.   Employment within the Postal Service

    Chapter 12.   Employee-Management Agreements

    PART III.   Modernization and Fiscal Administration

    Chapter 20.   Finance

    Chapter 22.   Convict Labor

    Chapter 24.   Appropriations and Annual Report

    Chapter 26.   Debts and Collection

    Chapter 28.   Strategic Planning and Performance Management

    Chapter 29.   Property Management

    PART IV.   Mail Matter

    Chapter 30.   Nonmailable Matter

    Chapter 32.   Penalty and Franked Mail

    Chapter 34.   Armed Forces and Free Postage

    Chapter 36.   Postal Rates, Classes, and Services

    PART V.   Transportation of Mail

    Chapter 50.   General

    Chapter 52.   Transportation of Mail by Surface Carrier [Repealed]

    Chapter 54.   Transportation of Mail by Air

    Chapter 56.   Transportation of Mail by Vessel

    Title 40 –   Public Buildings, Property, and Works

    SUBTITLE I.   Federal Property and Administrative Services

    Chapter 1.   General

    Chapter 3.   Organization of General Services Administration

    Chapter 5.   Property Management

    Chapter 7.   Foreign Excess Property

    Chapter 9.   Urban Land Use

    Chapter 11.   Selection of Architects and Engineers

    Chapter 13.   Public Property

    SUBTITLE II.   Public Buildings and Works

    PART A.   General

    Chapter 31.   General

    Chapter 33.   Acquisition, Construction, and Alteration

    Chapter 35.   Non-Federal Public Works

    Chapter 37.   Contract Work Hours and Safety Standards

    PART B.   United States Capitol

    Chapter 51.  United States Capitol Buildings and Grounds

    PART C.   Federal Building Complexes

    Chapter 61.  United States Supreme Court Building and Grounds

    Chapter 63.   Smithsonian Institution, National Gallery of Art, and John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

    Chapter 65.   Thurgood Marshall Federal Judiciary Building

    Chapter 67.   Pennsylvania Avenue Development

    Chapter 69.   Union Station Redevelopment

    PART D.   Public Buildings, Grounds, and Parks in the District of Columbia

    Chapter 81.   Administrative

    Chapter 83.   Washington Metropolitan Region Development

    Chapter 85.   National Capital Service Area and Director

    Chapter 87.   Physical Development of National Capital Region

    Chapter 89.   National Capital Memorials and Commemorative Works

    Chapter 91.   Commission of Fine Arts

    Chapter 93.   Theodore Roosevelt Island

    Chapter 95.   Washington Aqueduct and Other Public Works in the District of Columbia

    SUBTITLE III   Information Technology Management

    Chapter 111.   General

    Chapter 113.   Responsibility for Acquisitions of Information Technology

    Chapter 115.   Information Technology Acquisition Pilot Program

    Chapter 117.   Additional Information Resources Management Matters

    SUBTITLE IV.  Appalachian Regional Development

    Chapter 141   General Provisions

    Chapter 143.   Appalachian Regional Commission

    Chapter 145.   Special Appalachian Programs

    Chapter 147.   Miscellaneous

    SUBTITLE V.   Regional Economic and Infrastructure Development

    Chapter 151.   General Provisions

    Chapter 153.   Regional Commissions

    Chapter 155.   Financial Assistance

    Chapter 157.   Administrative Provisions

    SUBTITLE VI.   Miscellaneous

    Chapter 171.   Safety Standards for Motor Vehicles

    Chapter 173.   Government Losses in Shipment

    Chapter 175.   Federal Motor Vehicle Expenditure Control

    Chapter 177.   Alaska Communications Disposal

    Chapter 179.   Alaska Federal-Civilian Energy Efficiency Swap

    Chapter 181.   Telecommunications Accessibility for Hearing-Impaired and Speech-Impaired Individuals

    Chapter 183.   National Capital Area Interest Arbitration Standards