USCS Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure Set

Using the exact language of Congress, USCS gives you an annotated, comprehensive reference to all 50 U.S. Code titles, the Constitution and selected rules of federal courts and administrative agencies.
Publisher: Michie
Print Book :4 volumes, hardbound
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ISBN: 9780327134763
Publisher: Michie
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Product description

Using the exact language of Congress, USCS gives you an annotated, comprehensive reference to all 50 U.S. Code titles, the Constitution and selected rules of federal courts and administrative agencies.

USCS Mini-Sets are designed to be kept in your office. No more frustrating searches for misplaced library copies.

  • Broader coverage - USCS casenotes cover decisions appearing in specialty reports such as CCH and BNA and more agency opinions than any other annotated code.

  • Selective case annotations - USCS casenotes only cover decisions that offer actual interpretation, construction or application of a section or court rule so you don't waste time reviewing meaningless annotations.

  • Cross-references to Authoritative Matthew Bender Treatises - USCS' exclusive cross-references to Nimmer on Copyright, Weinstein's Federal Evidence, Second Edition and other leading treatises provide links to expert analysis you can't find anywhere else.


    Table of contents

    USCS Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure Set


    Rule 1.   Scope; Definitions

    Rule 2.   Interpretation

    Preliminary Proceedings

    Rule 3.   The Complaint

    Rule 4.   Arrest Warrant or Summons on a Complaint

    Rule 4.1.   Complaint, Warrant, or Summons by Telephone or Other Reliable Electronic


    Rule 5.   Initial Appearance

    Rule 5.1.   Preliminary Hearing

    The Grand Jury, the Indictment, and the Information

    Rule 6.   The Grand Jury

    Rule 7.   The Indictment and the Information

    Rule 8.  Joinder of Offenses or Defendants

    Rule 9.   Arrest Warrant or Summons on an Indictment or Information

    Arraignment and Preparation for Trial

    Rule 10.   Arraignment

    Rule 11.   Pleas

    Rule 12.   Pleadings and Pretrial Motions

    Rule 12.1.   Notice of an Alibi Defense

    Rule 12.2.   Notice of an Insanity Defense; Mental Examination

    Rule 12.3.   Notice of a Public-Authority Defense

    Rule 12.4.   Disclosure Statement

    Rule 13.   Joint Trial of Separate Cases

    Rule 14.   Relief from Prejudicial Joinder

    Rule 15.   Depositions

    Rule 16.   Discovery and Inspection

    Rule 17.   Subpoena

    Rule 17.1.   Pretrial Conference


    Rule 18.   Place of Prosecution and Trial

    Rule 19.   [Reserved]

    Rule 20.   Transfer for Plea and Sentence

    Rule 21.   Transfer for Trial

    Rule 22.   [Transferred]

    Rule 23.   Jury or Nonjury Trial

    Rule 24.  Trial Jurors

    Rule 25.   Judge's Disability

    Rule 26.  Taking Testimony

    Rule 26.1.   Foreign Law Determination

    Rule 26.2.   Producing a Witness's Statement

    Rule 26.3.   Mistrial

    Rule 27.   Proving an Official Record

    Rule 28.   Interpreters

    Rule 29.   Motion for a Judgment of Acquittal

    Rule 29.1.   Closing Argument

    Rule 30.   Jury Instructions

    Rule 31.  Jury Verdict

    Post-Conviction Procedures

    Rule 32.   Sentencing and Judgment
    Rule 32.1.   Revoking or Modifying Probation or Supervised Release

    Rule 32.2.   Criminal Forfeiture

    Rule 33.   New trial

    Rule 34.   Arresting Judgment

    Rule 35.   Correcting or Reducing a Sentence

    Rule 36.   Clerical Error

    Rule 37.   Indicative Ruling on a Motion for Relief That Is Barred by a Pending Appeal

    Rule 38.   Staying a Sentence or a Disability

    Rule 39.   [Reserved]

    Supplementary and Special Proceedings

    Rule 40.   Arrest for Failing to Appear in Another District or for Violating Conditions of Release Set in

    Another District

    Rule 41.   Search and Seizure

    Rule 42.   Criminal Contempt

    General Provisions

    Rule 43.   Defendant's Presence

    Rule 44.  Right to and Appointment of Counsel

    Rule 45.   Computing and Extending Time

    Rule 46.   Release from Custody; Supervising Detention

    Rule 47.   Motions and Supporting Affidavits

    Rule 48.   Dismissal

    Rule 49.   Serving and Filing Papers

    Rule 49.1.   Privacy Protection For Filings Made with the Court

    Rule 50.   Prompt Disposition

    Rule 51.   Preserving Claimed Error

    Rule 52.  Harmless and Plain Error.

    Rule 53.   Courtroom Photographing and Broadcasting Prohibited

    Rule 54.   [Transferred]

    Rule 55.   Records

    Rule 56.   When Court Is Open

    Rule 57.   District Court Rules

    Rule 58.   Petty Offenses and Other Misdemeanors

    Rule 59.   Matters Before a Magistrate Judge

    Rule 60.   Victim's Rights

    Rule 61.   Title

    Appendix of Forms [Abrogated]