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University of Southern California 69th Institute on Federal Taxation

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2017 Edition
ISBN: 9781522138228
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2017 Edition
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The latest federal and California tax planning strategies in complete, practice-oriented articles written by the experts.
Articles cover the latest developments and tax strategies for:

--Estates and Trusts
--Real Estate
--S Corporations
--Foreign Transactions
Includes complete index and table of cases, statutes, regulations, and rulings.

First published in 1945.

1 Volume; Loose-leaf; one new volume issued annually.

Also available on Authority Tax & Estate Planning Law Library. A separate, two-volume consolidated index and finding tables for back issues also available.

Authors / Contributors

Table of Contents


  1     The Impact of Recent U.S., OECD and European Developments on the Taxation of Intangible Property

Bernie J. Pistillo, Jr.



     2   2016 Hot Topics in Partnerships and Real Estate

Eric B. Sloan

Daniel A. Zygielbaum

Kathryn A. Kelly

Michael Q. Cannon

Mark H. Dreschler

Elizabeth A. Guidi

Brian R. Hamano

James Jennings

Victor Lee

Nina Xue

 3        Partnership Audit Procedures Under the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015

Linda E. Carlisle

James R. Gadwood

 4        California’s Controversial World of Documentary Transfer Tax Law

Richard J. Ayoob

Christopher J. Matarese

Gregory R. Broege

Sevanna Hartonians

 5        A Practical View of Reverse Like-Kind Exchanges after Bartell

Ryan Dobens

Stephanie Tran

Adam Handler

Louis S. Weller

 6        Social Security Retirement Benefits and Medicare Coverage 101: Planning for the Retirement of the Baby Boom Generation

Francine J. Lipman

James E. Williamson

 7        Utilizing & Planning for Client’s Required Minimum Distributions

 Tim Neuville

 8        Recent Developments in the Area of Non-qualified Deferred Compensation

Marla Aspinwall

 9        30 Years After: What the Federal Sentencing Guidelines Have Meant for Criminal Tax Enforcement

Evan J. Davis

Steven Toscher

 10        When the Transaction Crosses the Border — Globalization and the Changing Face of Tax Enforcement

Steven Toscher

Lacey Strachan


 11        How to Fix an Estate Plan Gone Bad

Andrew M. Katzenstein

Elizabeth G. Acevedo

 12        Current Developments in the Taxation of Trusts and Estates

Charles D. Fox IV

 13        Anatomy of an Insurance Trust

Danielle E. Miller, Esq.

Victoria Morphy, Esq.