United States Supreme Court Reports, Lawyers' Edition

Complete reporting of U.S. Supreme Court decisions with enhancements to help you research more efficiently.
Publisher: Michie
Print Book :Currently 169 Bound Volumes. Grows by about 3 bound volumes each year.
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ISBN: 9780327102168
Publisher: Michie
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Product description

L Ed 2d is a complete, enhanced, unofficial reporter of U.S. Supreme Court decisions since 1956, with convenient special research features not found in the official United States Reports.

New decisions are initially released through the Advance Sheet Service, with softbound pamphlets including the full text of decisions and orders, syllabi, and names of counsel, as well as summaries, headnotes, research references, and other materials.

New hardbound volumes of L Ed 2d are created from the Advance Sheets. Recently, these are first issued as Interim Bound Volumes, and later as Permanent Bound Volumes. Interim Bound Volumes generally add annotations (articles collecting and analyzing Supreme Court decisions on a subject) and parallel reference tables (to the extent available), while adapting some enhancements (such as the cumulative tables and index) that appeared in the corresponding advance sheets. Permanent Bound Volumes generally add the court's official corrections (some may be available earlier), page breaks for the official United States Reports, and summarized counsel briefs for opinion decisions.

Annual supplements update the annotations, provide a citator service, and contain some late corrections, including corrections made by the Justices after the publication of the corresponding U.S. official volumes.

L Ed 2d can be a cornerstone of any law library.

(Decisions prior to 1956 are reported in L Ed, sometimes called L Ed 1st.)


Table of contents

(Sample contents, from the 174 L. Ed. 2d permanent bound volume)


Personnel of Supreme Court

Table of Allotment of Justices

Subjects Annotated in This Volume

Reference Table of Vols. 556 U.S. (part) and 557 U.S.

Table of Cases Reported in this Volume

Table of Federal Constitutional Provisions, Statutes, Court Rules, and Regulations Cited and Construed in This Volume

Table of Classifications to the United States Supreme Court

Digest, Lawyers’ Edition, from Cases Reported in This Volume

Miscellaneous Proceedings

Disposition of Cases; Justice Souter’s Retirement; Recess; Thanks to Court Staff and Bar

Allotment Order

Allotment Order

Investiture Ceremony for Justice Sotomayor

Cases Reported in Vols. 556 U.S. (part) and 557 U.S.


Summaries of Briefs; Names of Participating Attorneys

Index to Decisions and Annotations