Trial Preparation Tools

This title provides case logs, to-do checklists, countdown calendars, proof rubrics, motion arguments, evidence checklists, pattern themes, openings, and closings, plus tips for effective discovery, picking juries, and proving facts.
Publisher: James Publishing

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Trial Preparation Tools

Competing cases and clients can keep you from bringing enough hours, analysis, and organization to readying your cases for trial.

Beth D. Osowski's Trial Preparation Tools can help. Use its strategies, tips, forms, checklists, calendars, and idea lists to be better prepared and more efficient. You'll also find tips for effective discovery, picking juries, and proving facts.

•   Practical checklists: You receive dozens of countdown calendars and to-do checklists that will help you stay organized.
•   Idea triggers: From theme possibilities through initial opening phrases to sentences for concluding closings, the idea lists will help you brainstorm possibilities for your cases.
•   Voir dire aids: Learn juror characteristics with the book's voir dire questions and juror questionnaires. Record and analyze your results with her juror selection matrices.
•   Powerful openings: Sample themes, writing suggestions, and delivery tips help you start persuasively.

Table of Contents

File Review, Proof Rubric, Trial Logs and Checklists
Trial Notebook
Discovery and Investigation to Fill Gaps in Proof Rubric
The Big Picture: Strategies, Themes, Funding and Jury Considerations
Alternative Dispute Resolution and Settlement
Pretrial Submissions and Conferences: Stipulations, Motions in Limine, Trial Briefs and Jury Instructions
Jury Selection
Opening Statement
Testimonial and Documentary Evidence
Demonstrative Evidence and Tools
Closing Argument
Deliberations, Verdict and Judgment
Post-Trial Activities