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Trial Prep for the New Advocate

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Bridge the gap between theory and practice with this practical guide. Offering tips, advice, and checklists, Trial Prep for the New Advocate gives new attorneys a comprehensive resource for handling case preparation. Understand the pretrial process from initially meeting and interviewing the client to creating a war room and trial notebook. Learn the essentials of preparing and presenting a case with a professional presence and efficient process. This book is divided into three parts--covering a substantive overview of pretrial and trial processes, practical skills for preparation, and advice for developing long-lasting professional relationships with staff, opposing counsel, and the courts. Each chapter includes:

•  Organizational tips
•  Trial prep checklists
•  Tips from experienced trial lawyers and others
•  Key terms
•  Practice exercises and problems

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Table of Contents


Part I: Substantive Learning

Chapter 1: Litigation Overview
Chapter 2: Evidence Overview

Part II: Practical Skills
Chapter 3: Getting Started with a Case
Chapter 4: Fact-gathering, Interviewing, and Investigation
Chapter 5: Handling Pretrial and Settlement Matters
Chapter 6: Preparing Pleadings
Chapter 7: Conducting Discovery
Chapter 8: Mastering E-Discovery
Chapter 9: Exhibit Preparation, Management, and Coordination
Chapter 10: Mastering Trial Technology
Chapter 11: Creating Resources to Make Your Job Easier
Chapter 12: Final Preparations for Trial
Chapter 13: Trying Your Case

Part III: Working Together
Chapter 14: Working with Your Supervisors
Chapter 15: Working with the Rest of the Firm
Chapter 16: Working with Others
Chapter 17: Handling the Heat
Chapter 18: Presenting a Professional Image
Chapter 19: A Primer on Ethics