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The Six-Minute Marathon: A Guide to Life as a Lawyer

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ISBN: 9781601561473
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Transitioning from law school to law practice can be the most daunting thing you do in your professional career. The Six-Minute Marathon is your survival guide to thriving in BigLaw practice. Andrew Hartman advises the up-and-coming generation of attorneys with humor and practicality. Stories of failed associates and redeeming moments from his twenty-plus years of practice will enlighten you as you venture into the world of law and learn to record your marathon of success in six-minute increments. As a bonus, Caren Ulrich Stacy provides insights from her own nearly twenty year career in professional development. From the initial interview to dressing to impress to networking your way to the top, The Six-Minute Marathon will guide you around the pitfalls that ensnare so many of your unwary colleagues and lead you toward your BigLaw dreams.


"All survival handbooks — lawyers, doctors, architects — tell newly minted professionals how to succeed as a grown-up. You could learn by trial and error and live with the inevitable injuries or you can read Andrew Hartman's fine Handbook and thrive without having a single permanent scar. The choice is yours."
           — James B. Zagel, United States District Judge, author of Money to Burn

“Andy's handbook is an absolute must-read for any law student seeking to make a smooth and successful transition to law firm practice. He has been in the trenches and succeeded at prestigious firms and candidly shares his invaluable experiences for the benefit of junior attorneys everywhere.&rdquo
           — Brian P. Kerwin, Corporate Partner, Duane Morris LLP

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Chapter 1  That Ain't Workin—Interviews and Offers

Chapter 2  Give 'Em What They Want—Managing Managers

Chapter 3  First Day of My Life—How to Make It Good

Chapter 4  My Friends All Drive Porsches—Fast Cars, Natty Clothes, and the Good Life

Chapter 5  Time Keeps on Slipping--Billing and Record Keeping

Chapter 6  Party Like It's 1999—Firm Activities and Events

Chapter 7  (Give Me Back My) Name—What You Were Not Taught in Legal Writing

Chapter 8  Losing My Religion—Beliefs and Background

Chapter 9  There Is No Time—Managing Your Life

Chapter 10  Put Me in Coach, I'm Ready to Play—Teamwork, Managing Up and Down

Chapter 11  Shiny, Happy People—Personality and Standing Out

Chapter 12  Go Ahead and Shout—Dial "M" for Marketing

Chapter 13  It's a Mistake!—Missteps and How to Avoid Them

Chapter 14  Money, So They Say, Is the Root of All Evil Today—How Not to Succumb

Chapter 15  When to Hold 'Em, When to Fold 'Em—Graceful Exits

Chapter 16  Is That You Baby or Just a Brilliant Disguise?—Case Studies

Prologue In the End It Does Matter—The Lawyer's Role in Society

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