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The Law of Pooling and Unitization

This treatise examines the laws and customs relating to the pooling and unitization of oil and gas properties; includes state statutes.
Publisher: Matthew Bender
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3rd Edition
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ISBN: 9781579117245
Publisher: Matthew Bender
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This publication treats both private and public relationships in pooling and unitization of oil and gas properties, as well as the antitrust aspects of pooling and unitization, pooling clauses, and state-by-state analysis.

General coverage includes:

• Conservation regulation
• Creation of units
• Effects of pooling and unitization
• Operating problems
• Administrative law aspects of conservation agencies
• Federal and Indian land problems

Also includes forms and the text of selected state statutes that might otherwise be difficult to obtain.

First published in 1957.

5 Volumes; Looseleaf; updated with revisions.

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Table of Contents

Ch. 1 Introduction 

Ch. 2 The Rule of Capture

Ch. 3 Overcoming the Rule of Capture

Ch. 4 The State Conservation Agencies

Ch. 5 Conservation Regulation Associated with Pooling and Unitization

Ch. 6 Pooling and Unitization Regulatory Programs --An Introduction

Ch. 7 Methods of Pooling

Ch. 8 The Pooling Clause

Ch. 9 The Pugh Clause

Ch. 10 The Statutory Authority of Compulsory Pooling -- Some Representative Examples

Ch. 11 Procedures for Conservation Agency Proceedings

Ch. 12 Options Afforded Owners of Interests

Ch. 13 The Order

Ch. 14 Agency Action Subsequent to Entry of an Order

Ch. 15 Termination of Units

Ch. 16 Federal Lands

Ch. 17 Voluntary Unitization

Ch. 18 Compulsory Unitization

Ch. 19 The Nature of the Unitized Title

Ch. 20 Effects of Pooling, Unitization, and Regulation on Express and Implied Lease Terms, and Term Interests

Ch. 21 Operating Problems

Ch. 22 Effect of Conservation Statutes and Regulations on Private Rights

Ch. 23 Problems of Unsigned, Non-Pooled, or Non-Unitized Tracts or Interests

Ch. 24 Role of Conservation Agencies

Ch. 25 Judicial Review of Administrative Actions

Ch. 26 Antitrust Laws as They Affect Pooling and Unitization

Ch. 27 through 28 RESERVED

Ch. 29 Agreements, Notices, and Orders

Ch. 30 State Statutes