The Evolution of Reg. Z: Increased Duties and Responsibilities for Lenders

Details amendments to Regulation Z, the Federal Reserve regulation implementing the consumer credit protections of the Truth in Lending Act.
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The Truth in Lending Act, together with the Federal Reserve Board's implementing Regulation Z, is perhaps the most complicated statute and regulation with which anyone dealing with consumer banking must contend. Recent years have seen more changes to TILA and Reg. Z than have been made since the statute and regulation were first implemented. This special pamphlet details those amendments, including the Credit CARD Act, Private Education Loans Rule, and Mortgage Loan Sale or Transfer Rule.

Table of Contents

§    1.01   Introduction 

§    1.02   HPML Rule

§    1.03   January 29, 2009 Open-End Final Rule

§    1.04   Mortgage Disclosure Improvement Act (MDIA) Rule

§    1.05   Credit CARD Act Stage 1 Interim Final Rule

§    1.06   Education Loans

§    1.07   Notice of Transfer of Mortgage Loan

§    1.08   Final Rules Implementing Stage 2 of the Credit CARD Act

§    1.09   Final Rules to Implement Stage 3 of the Credit CARD Act

§    1.09   Conclusion