Texas Small-Firm Practice Tools

Over 560 forms for 16 practice areas, with step-by-step procedures, voice-of-experience tips, answers to common questions, mistakes to avoid, tax considerations, and practice checklists.
Publisher: James Publishing

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The latest edition of Texas Small-Firm Practice Tools includes updated citations and substantive coverage to reflect the implementation of the Estates Code, as well as new and revised text on a broad range of topics, including:

•   Business records affidavits
•   Collateral consequences of a DWI
•   Criminal discovery under the Michael Morton Act
•   Management trusts for disabled persons

You also receive 31 new and revised forms to help you work more efficiently. Texas Small-Firm Practice Tools is the one resource you need to stay current on Texas law and practice. Order your copy today . . .

Texas Legal Checklists

Pilots and accountants have long relied on checklists to avoid omissions. Your legal work deserves the same care, especially if you handle a variety of practice areas.

Bring order and method to your practice, tackle new areas with confidence, and avoid omissions and wasted effort with the task checklists in Cindy Stormer's Small-Firm Practice Tools.

These checklists break big jobs like probating a will, filing a divorce, forming a corporation, preparing for trial, and dozens more into manageable tasks. You receive:

Civil litigation checklists

•   Preparing pleadings. 4:70
•   Office procedures for discovery. 1:470
•   Grounds for objecting to interrogatories and requests for admissions. 1:550
•   Preparing and challenging objections to discovery. 1:560

Car accident checklists

•   Questions to ask potential clients at the initial interview. Forms 2:20-30
•   Office procedures. 2:290
•   Evaluation of case, plaintiff's 2:300, defendant's 2:310
•   Recording a witness statement. 2:400
•   Deposition questions. 2:470
•   Jury charge questions. 2:480
•   Voir dire questions. 2:490
•   Examination questions for plaintiff, doctors, and defendant. 2:500

Business checklists

•   Before filing suit in employee/employer dispute. 6:120
•   Collections procedure. 7:240
•   Organizing a business. Form 8:130
•   Buying or selling a business. Form 9:120

Divorce checklists

•   Telephone intake. Form 10:10
•   Questions to ask potential clients at the initial interview. Forms 10:20-30
•   Marriage dissolution checklist. Form 10:90
•   Calculating child support. Form 10:220
•   Inventory and appraisement. Form 10:240
•   Custody. Form 10:420
•   Transfer of Automobiles and Mobile Homes. Form 10:290
•   Final Hearing Prove-up. Form 10:310

Estate checklists

•   Will intake. Form 11:20
•   Execution of wills. Form 11:50
•   Trusts interview. Form 11:210
•   Probate client intake. Forms 12:10 and 12:20
•   Analyzing the type of probate procedure. Form 12:30
•   Heirship questionnaire. Form 12:40
•   Procedure for affidavit of heirship. Form 12:60
•   Office procedures for muniment of title. Form 12:140
•   Independent administration office procedures. Form 12:340
•   Procedures for dependent administration interrogatories. Form 12:740

Criminal checklists

•   DUI intake questionnaire. Form 14:10
•   Voir dire. Form 14:120
•   DUI expert questions. Form 15:200
•   Occupational license procedures. Form 14:170
•   Script for writ of habeas corpus proceeding. Form 15:170
•   Traffic ticket procedure. Form 15:240
•   Hearing on speedy trial motions. Form 15:260

Real estate checklists

•   Intake questionnaire. Form 16:10
•   Foreclosure procedure. Form 16:210
•   Adverse possession script. Form 16:320
•   Settlement statement procedures. Form 16:360

And Over 560 Texas Forms

Each of the 16 practice areas in Cindy Stormer's Small-Firm Practice Tools is supported with a: (1) summary of the essential law and procedures, and (2) collection of custom-drafted, time-tested forms in both print and on Jamesforms.com. For example, here are the 24 forms found in the Credit and Collections chapter:

•   Client Intake -- Debts. Form 7:10
•   Contract for Employment -- Collections/Contingency. Form 7:20
•   Acknowledgment of Claim. Form 7:30
•   Unfair Debt Collection Practices Letter. Form 7:40
•   Collections Letter. Form 7:50
•   Abstract of Judgment. Form 7:60
•   Letter to Client Post-Judgment. Form 7:70
•   Application for Writ of Garnishment after Judgment. Form 7:80
•   Writ of Garnishment Affidavit. Form 7:90
•   Writ of Garnishment. Form 7:100
•   Garnishment Notice. Form 7:110
•   Agreed Judgment on Garnishment. Form 7:120
•   Garnishee's Answer. Form 7:310
•   Writ of Garnishment Judgment. Form 7:140
•   Writ of Execution Letter to Clerk. Form 7:150
•   Writ of Execution Letter to Sheriff or Constable. Form 7:160
•   Request for Production -- Collections. Form 7:170
•   Turnover Application. Form 7:180
•   Turnover Order. Form 7:190
•   Application for Receiver. Form 7:200
•   Receiver Order. Form 7:210
•   Oath of Receiver. Form 7:220
•   Receivership Final Order. Form 7:230
•   Procedures Checklist -- Collections. Form 7:240

Table of Contents

​Civil Litigation
Car Accident Cases
Consumer Protection and Fair Trade Practices
Business Litigation
Landlord-Tenant Relations
Employer-Employee Relations
Credit and Collections
Organizing and Operating a Small Business
Buying and Selling a Small Business
Marriage Dissolution
Estate Planning
Estate Administration
DWI Defense
Misdemeanor Defense
Real Estate