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Texas Real Estate Guide

Trusted Forms and Practical Guidance in Real Estate one source
Publisher: Matthew Bender
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ISBN: 9780327173564
Publisher: Matthew Bender
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Texas Real Estate Guide puts at your fingertips more than 540 Texas real estate transaction and litigation forms drawn from the most trusted sources -- Texas Transaction Guide and Dorsaneo, Texas Litigation Guide. Plus, there are step-by-step checklists on virtually all real estate matters to help you master important key issues and avoid costly errors.

Included are detailed bibliographies on every covered topic, along with comprehensive finding tools such as: topical indices, a separate forms index, topical statute bibliographies, and cross references between the transaction chapters and litigation chapters.

Whether your clients are landlords or tenants, architects or contactors, buyers or sellers, you'll have quick access to the legal background and comprehensive analysis you need to provide the best possible representation. Plus, our two experts contribute valuable commentary and practice tips. Links to referenced cases and codified statutes are sure to speed up your research.

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Table of Contents

Volumes 1-3

Part I Transactions: Sales, Exchanges, and Other Transfers of Title

Part II Transactions: Lending Relationships

Part III Transactions: Construction

Part IV Transactions: Leases/Landlord and Tenant

Volumes 4 and 5

Part V Litigation: Sales, Exchanges, and Other Transfers of Title

Part VI Litigation: Governmental Claims

Part VII Litigation: Construction

Part VIII Litigation: Leases/Landlord and Tenant

Part IX Litigation: Miscellaneous

Topical Index

Forms Index

Table of Statutes