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Texas Law of Oil and Gas

The only book of its kind devoted exclusively to Texas oil and gas law; combines the text of relevant laws, regulations, and rulings with expert commentary.
Publisher: Michie
Frequency: (1 issues)
Print Book :3 volumes, looseleaf, updated annually
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ISBN: 9780327001959
Publisher: Michie
Frequency: (1 issues)
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Whether you're a veteran oil and gas practitioner seeking insight into a particularly difficult case, or a general business attorney needing authoritative information on the finer points of oil and gas law, Texas Law of Oil and Gas is absolutely indispensable. Written by two of the leading experts in the field and designed to be practitioner-oriented, this comprehensive resource is conveniently organized in three volumes to help you research more accurately and efficiently.

Texas Law of Oil and Gas is the only publication of its kind devoted exclusively to Texas oil and gas. It is comprehensive in scope and combines the text of all the relevant laws, regulations, and rulings with expert commentary.

Volume One focuses on the common law of oil and gas, legal doctrines on ownership and conveyance of mineral and royalty deeds, and oil and gas leases.

Volume Two is about the statutes and Railroad Commission rules governing conservation of oil and gas in Texas via regulation of drilling, production, and voluntary unitization.

Volume Three covers the latest on farmouts, assignments, operation agreements, and relevant statutes.

Oil and gas law in Texas rests on a solid legal tradition, but is also in a constant state of change. Texas Law of Oil and Gas provides critical background and analysis of well-settled legal principles and also alerts you to important and as-yet-unsettled issues, including claims of royalty owners to share in settlements of take-or-pay disputes. Annual updates ensure your library stays current and helps you stay ahead of the curve. Trust Texas Law of Oil and Gas every time you handle an oil and gas issue in Texas, from LexisNexis, the name you trust for all your legal research needs.

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Table of Contents


Part 1 Common Law
Chapter 1 Ownership of Oil and Gas
Chapter 2 Types of Interests in Oil and Gas
Chapter 3 Titles and Conveyances
Chapter 4 The Oil and Gas Lease: Express Provisions
Chapter 5 The Oil and Gas Lease: Implied Covenants
Chapter 6 Division Orders and Other Instruments
Chapter 7 Wrongful Interferences with Oil and Gas Interests


Part 2 Administrative Regulation
Chapter 8 The Railroad Commission of Texas
Chapter 9 Regulation of Drilling
Chapter 10 Regulation of Oil and Gas Production
Chapter 11 The Voluntary Unitization Act


Part 2 Administrative Regulation (Continued)
Chapter 12 The Mineral Interest Pooling Act
Chapter 13 The Common Carrier and Common Purchaser Acts
Chapter 14 Well Plugging, Pollution Control, and Other Statutes
Chapter 15 The Administrative Procedure Act: A Primer

Part 3 Contracts and Operating Agreements
Chapter 16 Farmouts, Assignments, and Related Agreements
Chapter 17 Operating Agreements
Appendix: Relevant Statutes
Table of Cases
Table of Rules and Statutes