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Texas DWI Manual

Includes hundreds of trial-tested questions and accompanying explanations that can be used to create compelling cross-examinations of the State's witnesses.
Publisher: James Publishing

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To establish a successful DWI practice, you must have a firm grasp of the law as well as grounding in the underlying science. Texas DWI Manual brings these two essential elements together in one
indispensible resource.

This edition brings you updates and new material in 13 chapters, plus one entirely new chapter.

Highlights include:

Breath Testing—Chapter 6

  • Forensic criminalist Jan Semenoff provides an assessment of the INTOXILYZERTM 9000 revealing its weaknesses.

Driving under the Influence of Drugs—Chapter 9

  • Attorney Sarah Schielke shares her proven strategies for winning the marijuana DWI trial. She covers jury selection; cross-examining cops; using experts; and closing argument.
  • Trial strategies that worked to bring in quick not guilty verdicts in two drug cases, one involving Adderall and Klonopin and another involving cocaine and marijuana, are outlined.
  • An extensive list of reference materials that every attorney who handles drug DWIs should be aware of is provided.

Punishment Strategies—Chapter 10

  • Dallas attorney John Gioffredi updates his guidelines for asking the jury to determine punishment and his detailed handout explaining this strategy to the client and preparing the client to testify.

DWI Nondisclosure Orders—New Chapter 12A

  • This new chapter explains the requirements for getting a non-disclosure order. Learn who is eligible, offenses that are ineligible, the procedure for obtaining the order, and the effect of the
    order on access to criminal records. Also included are a handy quick reference checklist and 4 forms.

Table of Contents

I. Taking the Case
CHAPTER 1. Effective DWI Representation and Client Communications
CHAPTER 2. Investigation of the Case and DWI Discovery
II. Driver’s License Issues
CHAPTER 3. Administrative Driver’s License Revocation Hearings
CHAPTER 4. Occupational Driver’s License
III. Defending the Case
CHAPTER 5. Standardized Field Sobriety Tests and Their Use in Trial
CHAPTER 6. The Breath Test Case
CHAPTER 7. The Blood Alcohol Test Case
CHAPTER 8. Retrograde Extrapolation
CHAPTER 9. Driving Under the Influence of Drugs
CHAPTER 10. Punishment Strategies
CHAPTER 11. Error Preservation and Appeal
CHAPTER 12. DWI Expunctions
CHAPTER 12A. DWI Nondisclosure Orders
IV. Legal Principles
CHAPTER 13. The Elements of DWI
CHAPTER 14. Intoxication Offenses and Punishment
CHAPTER 15. Bond & Jail Release Considerations
CHAPTER 16. Charging Instruments