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Texas DWI Manual

Publisher: James Publishing

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Texas DWI Manual

Because a conviction is so costly, a plea to a Texas DWI should be a last resort. To provide the defense your DWI clients need and deserve, you must be prepared to confront the State's witnesses at trial. Cross-examination of the State's witnesses is probably the most difficult, yet most crucial aspect of winning a DWI trial.

In Texas DWI Manual, successful DWI attorneys Deandra M. Grant and Kimberly Griffin Tuckeroffer the tools you need to take the DWI case from inception through trial and beyond. This valuable guide includes:

•   Hundreds of trial-tested cross-examination questions
•   Over 80 forms and numerous practice tips
•   Clear explanations of the law and the science
•   Tactics for discrediting SFSTs
•   Step-by-step guidance for trying breath and blood cases.

Table of Contents

Effective DWI Representation and Client Communications
Investigation of the Case and DWI Discovery
Administrative Driver's License Revocation Hearings
Occupational Driver's License
Standardized Field Sobriety Tests and Their Use in Trial
The Breath Test Case
The Blood Test Case
Retrograde Extrapolation
Driving under the Influence of Drugs
Punishment Strategies
Error Preservation and Appeal
DWI Expunctions
The Elements of DWI
Intoxication Offenses and Punishment
Bond and Jail Release Considerations
Charging Instruments