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Texas DTPA Forms and Practice Guide

Publisher: James Publishing

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ISBN: 9780938065876
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Texas DTPA Forms and Practice Guide

Revisions to the Deceptive Trade Practices-Consumer Protection Act continue to give consumers more hurdles to overcome. The courts are strict in determining which DTPA cases fit within the "laundry list" pleading provisions. A "knowing" violation is required for all mental anguish damages. And in some cases, damage caps may eliminate DTPA protection altogether.

Overcome DTPA defenses and win tough Insurance Code cases with Tekell'sTexas DTPA Forms and Practice Guide. This useful guide includes over 290 forms, from custom Insurance Code interrogatories and pattern deposition questions through jury charges to laundry list questions and trial objection checklists. You will also find detailed legal discussions and step-by-step procedures in every major consumer law category, including:

•   Purchase of goods and services
•   Investments and business opportunities
•   Home and land purchases
•   Assisted living facilities
•   Commercial property leases
•   Construction defects
•   Lender liability

Table of Contents

Initial Client Contacts (Plaintiff)
Initial Client Contacts (Defendant)
Giving Notice and Responding to an Offer
Responding to the Notice
Plaintiff's Pleadings
Defendant's Pleadings
Pre-Trial Proceedings
Trial: Part One Voir Dire to Close of Evidence
Trial: Part Two Court's Charge to Judgment
Insurance Code Actions
Residential Construction
Real Estate