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Texas Court's Charge Reporter

Covering varied topics from insurance to family law, this volume contains actual jury charges from Texas civil cases to help you prepare for trial.
Publisher: Matthew Bender
Print Book :1 volume, looseleaf
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ISBN: 9780327110187
Publisher: Matthew Bender
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Issued twice per year, Texas Court's Charge Reporter contains condensed verbatim transcripts of actual jury charges from Texas civil jury cases. The charges have been submitted in trials, and are extremely useful to litigators as they prepare Requests for Charge and plan for trial.

To prepare for your case, use Texas Court's Charge Reporter for easy access finding a related charge. The charges cover varied topics including:

•  Insurance
•  Property
•  Landlord-tenance
•  Banking
•  Negligence
•  Labor and employment
•  Probate
•  Family Law

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