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Texas Civil Procedure: Trial and Appellate Practice

William Dorsaneo, III; Elizabeth Thornburg; Elaine Grafton Carlson; David Crump

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2016-2017 Edition
ISBN: 9781531000523
Published: July 25, 2014
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This book introduces students to trial preparation, motion practice, jury selection, the trial process, preparation of the jury charge, jury argument, jury deliberations, verdict, instructed verdicts, judgments, and post-trial motions. The text also devotes a chapter to the special problems of non-jury trials. The authors have expanded their coverage of the difficult issue of finality of judgments, and included thorough treatment of original and appellate proceedings in the courts of appeal and in the Texas Supreme Court. New softcover editions of this book will be issued each year.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Pretrial Preparation and Motion Practice 

Chapter 2 Jury Selection

Chapter 3 The Trial

Chapter 4 The Jury Charge

Chapter 5 Jury Argument

Chapter 6 Jury Deliberations and the Verdict

Chapter 7 Nonjury Trial

Chapter 8 Taking the Case Away From the Jury: Instructed Verdict and Post-Trial Motions

Chapter 9 Review of Final and Interlocutory Orders in the Appellate Courts

Chapter 10 The Court of Appeals

Chapter 11 Appellate Proceedings in the Texas Supreme Court

Chapter 12 Original Proceedings in Appellate Courts