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Texas Administrative Practice and Procedure

Publisher: Michie
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ISBN: 9780327019398
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Texas Administrative Practice and Procedure offers valuable guidance on this complex, ever-changing subject. Since the adoption of the Texas Administrative Procedure Act in 1976, legal practitioners have a reliable reference using Texas Administrative Practice and Procedure on all aspects of administrative procedure. This work also presents excellent coverage of substantive and procedural challenges to agency action.

You'll find expert research on contested cases from any point in the process: prehearing to hearing, post-hearing to judicial review. A one-stop authoritative source offering a wealth of information on:

  • Rulemaking procedures
  • Procedural and constitutional challenges during judicial review
  • Scope of agency adjudicative power
  • Impact of constitutional procedure due process on agency decision-making
  • Analysis of what should be considered when preparing a contested case proceeding, properly preserving error for appeal, or refining an appeal.
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    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1 Introduction to Administrative Law

    Chapter 2 The Delegation Doctrine and Types of Rules

    Chapter 3 Rulemaking Procedures

    Chapter 4 The Judicial Scope of Review

    Chapter 5 The Statutory Grant of Law Applying Power

    Chapter 6 Contested Cases - The Prehearing Process

    Chapter 7 The Anatomy of a Contested Case Hearing

    Chapter 8 The Post-Hearing Process

    Chapter 9 Judicial Review of Contested Case Orders

    Chapter 10 Ad Hoc Adjudication or Ad Hoc Rulemaking

    Chapter 11 Activating Judicial Review of Agency Contested Case Orders

    Chapter 12 Declaratory Judgment Action to Challenge the Validity or Applicability of a Rule

    Chapter 13 Administrative Action Not Subject to the APA

    Chapter 14 Texas Open Meetings Act