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Telemedicine and E-Health Law (Print+Online+eBook)

Publisher: ALM
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ISBN: 9781588521293
Publisher: ALM
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The use of the Internet and high-tech communications in health care has led to new approaches to medical treatment-and to challenging legal questions. Telemedicine and E-Health Law has the answers that health care providers, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, insurers and their legal counsel need as medicine enters a new era. Its comprehensive scope includes everything from the licensing issues raised by physicians providing medical services electronically across state lines to the HIPAA privacy issues raised by the sharing of electronic patient consultations and health records across computer networks.

What should you know about regulation by the FDA, FTC, Medicare and state attorneys general when advertising or selling pharmaceuticals on the Web? When do Medicare and Medicaid requirements (including reimbursement and fraud and abuse provisions) apply to e-health transactions? What unique malpractice and other liabilities are associated with telemedical practice?

This important book includes chapters on these topics, as well as on tax, antitrust, intellectual property, and other aspects of e-health-all packed with expert advice that will help you steer clear of difficulties. Telemedicine and E-Health Law the ideal guide for anyone involved in this growing and important field.