Tax Planning for Retirees

An essential guide for predicting and planning for federal tax ramifications of all types of retirement income.

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Because your clients are living healthier, longer lives, they need to stretch their retirement dollars to the maximum. Smart tax planning can be a huge help here by minimizing exposure of retirement income to federal tax. Our Tax Planning for Retirees, written by noted expert Vorris J. Blankenship, will help you deliver the goods.

First published in 2009, and updated annually, Tax Planning for Retirees has become the ''must have'' treatise for tax professionals advising retirees. This complete, one-stop guide is packed with "how to do it" expertise that will help you steer clients to the best tax planning decisions possible, at every step before and during retirement. Written in clear, jargon-free language, it covers:

• Federal tax treatment of everything from IRAs and Social Security benefits to long-term care insurance and disability benefits.
• Strategies for optimizing IRA and 401(k) distributions.
• Treatment of pensions, ESOPs, veterans' benefits, and all other types of retirement income.
• Smart estate planning for the protection of retirement benefits.

You get scores of examples complete with tax-cutting tips, illustrations, calculations, and more -- everything you'll need to navigate complex tax-planning issues with confidence, root out every tax-saving opportunity, and help your clients keep more of their nest-eggs for themselves.

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Table of contents

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Chapter 1 Retirement Tax Planning Summary

Chapter 2 Qualified Retirement Plans

Chapter 3 Eligible Exempt Organization Plans

Chapter 4 Eligible State/Local Government Plans

Chapter 5 Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs)

Chapter 6 Roth IRAs

Chapter 7 Designated Roth Accounts

Chapter 8 Minimum Distributions from Tax-Favored Retirement Plans

Chapter 9 Unfunded Nonqualified Retirement Plans

Chapter 10 Funded Nonqualified Retirement Plans

Chapter 11 Employee Stock Options

Chapter 12 Retirement of Partners and Sole Proprietors

Chapter 13 Disability Benefits

Chapter 14 U.S. Military Retirement And Disability Benefits

Chapter 15 Employer-Provided Insurance, Etc.

Chapter 16 Personally-Purchased Retirement Annuities

Chapter 17 Social Security Benefits

Chapter 18 Chronic Illness Costs and Insurance

Chapter 19 Elderly and Disabled Tax Relief

Chapter 20 Estate and Gift Taxes on Retirement Benefits

Chapter 21 Retirement Benefits Of Foreign Retirees