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State v. Sanchez

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Case File
2nd Edition
ISBN: 9781601564757
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2nd Edition
ISBN: 9781601565099
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State v. Sanchez is a criminal case file featuring the trial of Ernesto Sanchez, who admits to fatally stabbing Patrick Connor during a street fight between two Nita City gangs. Sanchez pleads self-defense, and the circumstances surrounding the stabbing are complicated by the testimonies of other gang and community members. This case file is particularly unique because of its focus on gang activity and its use of non-traditional experts with specialized knowledge of gang behavior. It also addresses the potential impact of racial bias during a criminal trial.

Exhibits include social media evidence and a digital recording of a news interview. There are five witnesses for both the state and the defense.

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Table of Contents




Case Summary


Required Stipulations

NITA Statutes

Case Materials and Exhibits
Sanchez Indictment
Ex. 1—Police Report, 10-YR-1, Initial Report
Ex. 2—Diagram of Scene
Ex. 3—Photo of Body (1)
Ex. 4—Photo of Body (2)
Ex. 5—Photo of Knife (1)
Ex. 6—Photo of Knife (2)
Kelly Statement
Cavallo Statement
Salas Statement
Ex. 7—Police Report, 3-13-YR-1, Ambrose Interview
Ex. 8—Police Report, 3-13-YR-1, Photo of Fishers (1)
Ex. 9—Police Report, 3-13-YR-1, Photo of Fishers (2)
Ex. 10—Police Report, 3-13-YR-1, Photo of Fishers (3)
Buentello Statement
Ex. 11—Buentello Crime Scene Diagram
Ex. 12—Buentello FBI Criminal Activity Record
Exs. 13-15—Certified Criminal Convictions for Buentello
Ex. 16—Police Report, 3-14-YR-1
Ex. 17—Rights Waiver Form
Sanchez Statement
Ex. 18—Photo of Bruise (1)
Ex. 19—Photo of Bruise (2)
Ex. 20—Photo of Hockey Jersey (1)
Ex. 21—Photo of Hockey Jersey (2)
Ex. 22—Skull Sketch 1
Ex. 23—Skull Sketch 2
Ex. 24—News Interview Transcript (Video on CD)
Ex. 25—Sanchez Tweet 1
Ex. 26—Sanchez Tweet 2
Ex. 27—Police Report, 3-16-YR-1, Photo Identification
Ex. 28—Autopsy Report
Ex. 29—Photo of Cross Tattoo
Ex. 30—Wound Diagram (Front/Back)
Ex. 31—Wound Diagram (Lateral)
Ex. 32—Coroner’s Letter
Ex. 33—Coroner’s Resume
Ex. 34—Police Report, 4-12-YR-1, Immunity Deal
Preliminary Hearing Transcript: Mary Kelly
State's Expert Case Analysis
Defense's Expert Case Analysis
Ex. 35—Photo of Skull Tattoo
Ex. 36—Screenshot of Defense Expert Website
Ex. 37—Defense Expert Criminal Record
Ex. 38—Defense Expert Memorandum to File
Ex. 39—Butterfly Knife Operations.
Ex. 40—Composite Photo of Butterfl y Knife Operations

Case Law and Jury Instructions
Nita Case Law
Proposed Jury Instructions
Instructions on Lesser Included Offenses
Verdict Form