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State v. Peyton

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Case File :Softbound, 138 pages
2nd Edition
ISBN: 9781601565976
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2nd Edition
ISBN: 9781601565983
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State v. Peyton combines the most basic scenario that a new attorney will experience— the DUI case file—with a charge of felonious hit and run. Taylor Addison suffered first and second degree burns when her parked vehicle was sideswiped, spilling hot coffee over her left hand. No vehicle stopped after the accident, but Addison claims she saw a car identifiable as Jordan Peyton's driving away from the scene. Peyton has pled not guilty to all charges and claims that she did not collide with Addison's car.

With materials included for the trial of the defendant on these charges, the second edition of State v. Peyton adds social media evidence to a case that also provides student opportunities to consider the following criminal trial issues:

      •  medical expert testimony
      •  character evidence
      •  criminal conviction impeachment
      •  bias impeachment
      •  prior recorded testimony
      •  evidence from a 911 call
      •  breath test computer printout
      •  witness statements on Twitter

State v. Peyton plays out in the City of Nita. The file contains the indictment, statements, exhibits, preliminary hearing transcripts, Nita statutes, and case law, and proposed jury instructions and verdict form. For trial advocacy classrooms and programs that have the time, the case also offers optional expert testimony for each party on Peyton's likely blood alcohol content at the time of the accident.

Parties can be played by either men or women. Digital versions of the exhibits are available online for student use.

The author has also created an extensive teaching manual to not only help the professor with testimony but to provide skill exercises in the rules of evidence, refreshing recollection, impeachment by omission, impeachment by prior inconsistent statements, impeachment with bias, and expert voir dire. If you provide the environment, NITA will provide the setting for a most interesting experiential training opportunity.

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       Indictment of Jordan Peyton
             Exhibit 1—Audio Recording of Addison 911 Call
             Exhibit 2—Transcript of Addison 911 Call
             Exhibit 3—Police Report, 05-15-YR-1, Peyton Arrest
             Exhibit 4—BAC Results
             Exhibit 5—Officer Baldwin Certification
             Exhibit 6—Sunset Bar & Grill Receipt (unsigned copy)

       Statement of Jordan Peyton
             Exhibit 7—Peyton Email to Associates
             Exhibit 8—Photograph of Peyton & Dalton signage
             Exhibit 9—Peyton Driving Record
             Exhibit 10—Peyton Criminal Record
             Exhibit 11—Police Report, 05-25-YR-1, Evidence Collection
             Exhibit 12—Peyton Vehicle Registration
             Exhibit 13—Search Warrant & Inventory Sheet
             Exhibit 14—Intersection Diagram
             Exhibit 15—Photograph of Addison Vehicle (Rear View 1)
             Exhibit 16—Photograph of Addison Vehicle (Rear View 2)
             Exhibit 17—Photograph of Addison Vehicle (Damage)
             Exhibit 18—Photograph of Peyton Vehicle (Damage 1)
             Exhibit 19—Photograph of Peyton Vehicle (Damage 2)

       Statement of Riley Cameron
             Exhibit 20—Riley Cameron Tweet

       Preliminary Hearing Transcript: Addison
             Exhibit 21—Photographs of Addison Hand Injury
             Exhibit 22—Addison Vehicle Repair Receipt

       Preliminary Hearing Transcript: Carter
             Exhibit 23—Sunset Bar & Grill Receipt (signed copy)
             Exhibit 24—Police Report, 08-01-YR-1, Supplemental Report
             Exhibit 25—Nita City Post Article
             Exhibit 26—Defense Counsel, Memorandum
             Exhibit 27—Map from Sunset Grill (with route and signage)
             Exhibit 28—Map from Sunset Grill (without route and signage)
             Exhibit 29—Photograph of Pothole 1
             Exhibit 30—Photograph of Pothole 2
             Exhibit 31—Photograph of Pothole 3
             Exhibit 32—Photograph of Pothole 4

       State Expert Case Analysis: Williams
       State Expert Curriculum Vitae: Williams
       Defense Expert Case Analysis: Montgomery
       Defense Expert Curriculum Vitae: Montgomery

       Nita Statutes
             Duty of Driver to Stop, Etc., in Event of Accident Involving Injury or Death or Damage to Attended Property

             Driving Motor Vehicle under the Influence of Intoxicants
             Implied Consent to Post-Arrest Testing to Determine Drug or Alcohol Content of Blood
             Presumptions from Alcohol Content of Blood
             Admissibility of Certified Court and Agency Records
             Admissibility of Blood Alcohol Content Test Results

       Case Law
             Failure to Wear a Seat Belt
             "Intent" Element for Hit and Run
             Admissibility of Breath Test

       Related Materials
             Information on Burns
             Information on Breath Tests and Intoxilyzer