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State v. Lewis

This is a case involving domestic violence.
Publisher: NITA
Case File :Softbound, 112 pages
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ISBN: 9781556816154
Publisher: NITA
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This is a case involving domestic violence. The State of Nita has alleged that the defendant, Joseph E. Lewis, attempted to kill his wife, Mary Jefferson Lewis, by stabbing her with a knife in their bedroom. The defendant was arrested by Officer William Clark that same day, September 6, YR-1. After making the arrest, Officer Clark took a full statement from the victim in which she stated that her husband assaulted her, verbally threatened her life, and then stabbed her.

On November 20, YR-1, Mrs. Lewis went to the Nita City Prosecutors Office and gave a statement in which she recanted the scenario given to Officer Clark and stated that the stab wound came about by accident while her husband tried to stop her from committing suicide.

While it is anticipated that the State of Nita will call the victim Mary Lewis in its case in chief, Mrs. Lewis will testify consistent with the supplemental statement she gave on November 20, YR-1. This, plus the fact that Mrs. Lewis refuses to speak further with the police or prosecution, means that the defense will prepare Mrs. Lewis for her trial testimony.

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Nita City Police Department Incident Report

Written Consent to Search

Tape Recorded Statement of Mary Jefferson Lewis

Statement of Joseph E. Lewis

Nita General Hospital Medical Records

Grand Jury Testimony of Officer William Clark

Grand Jury Testimony of Dr. Earl P. Monroe

Statement of Ted Charbonneau

Statement of Thomas Jefferson

Supplemental Statement of Mary Jefferson Lewis

Nita Police Department Incident Reports

Expert Report of Alexandra Burr-Hamilton

Article on "The Cycle Theory of Violence"

Expert Report of Benjamin Smith Barton, M.D.

Diagrams of Interior of Lewis Condominium

Anatomical Drawings

Jury Instructions

Jury Verdict