South Carolina Criminal Law and Motor Vehicle Handbook

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This newest edition of South Carolina Criminal Law and Motor Vehicle Handbook is a handy title that provides convenient access to South Carolina's criminal law and procedure, motor vehicle laws, and many related statutes - all of the statutes that law enforcement professionals and trial attorneys need most often. This convenient softbound volume is intuitively organized with a complete table of contents and index plus sections affected by the previous year's legislation and highlights of the legislative session, so you can easily see what has changed since the previous year. Comprehensive South Carolina Legal Guidelines are included to help you understand the issues related to specific statutes.

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Table of Contents

Legislative Highlights

Table of Sections Affected by Recent Legislation

South Carolina Legal Guidelines

Title 16 Crimes and Offenses

Chapter 1 Felonies and Misdemeanors; Accessories

Chapter 3 Offenses Against the Person

Chapter 5 Offenses Against Civil Rights

Chapter 7 Offenses Against the Peace

Chapter 8 Offenses Promoting Civil Disorder

Chapter 9 Offenses Against Public Justice

Chapter 11 Offenses Against Property

Chapter 13 Forgery, Larceny, Embezzlement, False Pretenses and Cheats

Chapter 14 Financial Transaction Card Crime Act

Chapter 15 Offenses Against Morality and Decency

Chapter 16 Computer Crime Act

Chapter 17 Offenses Against Public Policy

Chapter 19 Gambling and Lotteries

Chapter 21 Offenses Involving Motor Vehicle Titles

Chapter 23 Offenses Involving Weapons

Chapter 25 Criminal Domestic Violence

Chapter 27 Animal Fighting and Baiting Act

Title 17 Criminal Procedures

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Chapter 3 Defense of Indigents

Chapter 4 Commission and Office of Appellate Defense [Repealed]

Chapter 5 Coroners and Medical Examiners

Chapter 7 Autopsies and Inquest on the Dead

Chapter 9 Extradition

Chapter 11 Interstate Agreement on Detainers

Chapter 13 Arrest, Process, Searches and Seizures

Chapter 15 Bail and Recognizances

Chapter 17 Habeas Corpus

Chapter 19 Indictments

Chapter 21 Venue

Chapter 22 Intervention Programs

Chapter 23 Pleading and Trial

Chapter 24 Mentally Ill or Insane Defendants

Chapter 25 Judgment and Execution

Chapter 27 Uniform Post‑Conviction Procedure Act

Chapter 28 Access to Justice Post Conviction DNA Testing

Chapter 29 Pen Registers and Trap and Trace Devices

Chapter 30 Interception of Wire, Electronic, or Oral Communications

Title 20 Domestic Relations

Chapter 4 Protection from Domestic Abuse

Chapter 7 Children's Code [Repealed]

Title 22 Magistrates and Constables

Chapter 3 Jurisdiction and Procedure in Magistrates' Courts

Chapter 5 Magistrates' Powers and Duties in Criminal Matters

Chapter 9 Constables

Title 23 Law Enforcement and Public Safety

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Chapter 3 South Carolina Law-Enforcement Division

Chapter 4 Criminal Justice Committee and Programs

Chapter 6 Department of Public Safety

Chapter 7 State Constables

Chapter 9 State Fire Marshal

Chapter 11 Sheriffs—Election, Qualifications and Vacancies in Office

Chapter 13 Deputy Sheriffs Generally

Chapter 15 General Powers and Duties of Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs

Chapter 17 Liabilities of Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs

Chapter 19 Sheriffs' Fees and Accounting with Successor

Chapter 21 Police Commissioners in Cities of 20,000 to 50,000

Chapter 23 Law Enforcement Training Council

Chapter 24 Off‑Duty Private Jobs of Law Enforcement Officers

Chapter 25 Law Enforcement Officers Hall of Fame

Chapter 27 Police Districts in Unincorporated Communities

Chapter 28 Reserve Police Officers

Chapter 29 Subversive Activities Registration Act [Repealed]

Chapter 31 Firearms

Chapter 33 Missiles

Chapter 35 Fireworks and Explosives

Chapter 36 Explosives Control Act

Chapter 39 Hazardous Substances Act

Chapter 41 Arson Reporting‑Immunity Act

Chapter 50 South Carolina Crimestoppers Act

Chapter 51 Reduced Cigarette Ignition Propensity Standards and Firefighter Protection Act

Title 24 Corrections, Jails, Probations, Paroles and Pardons

Chapter 3 State Prison System

Chapter 5 Jails and Jailers

Chapter 13 Prisoners Generally

Chapter 19 Correction and Treatment of Youthful Offenders

Title 34 Banking, Financial Institutions and Money

Chapter 11 Bank Deposits

Title 39 Trade and Commerce

Chapter 15 Labels and Trademarks

Title 43 Social Services

Chapter 1 State Department and Board of Social Services

Chapter 35 Adult Protection

Title 44 Health

Chapter 7 Hospitals, Tuberculosis Camps and Health Services Districts

Chapter 34 Tattooing

Chapter 41 Abortions

Chapter 43 Dispositions of Human Bodies and Parts; Post‑Mortem Examinations

Chapter 48 Sexually Violent Predator Act

Chapter 53 Poisons, Drugs and Other Controlled Substances

Chapter 54 Drug Dealer Liability Act

Title 47 Animals, Livestock and Poultry

Chapter 1 Cruelty to Animals

Chapter 3 Dogs and Other Domestic Pets

Title 50 Fish, Game and Watercraft

Chapter 11 Protection of Game

Chapter 13 Protection of Fish

Chapter 15 Nongame and Endangered Species Conservation Act

Chapter 21 Equipment and Operation of Watercraft

Chapter 23 Watercraft and Outboard Motors

Title 55 Aeronautics

Chapter 13 Protection of Airports and Airport Property

Title 56 Motor Vehicles

Chapter 1 Driver's License

Chapter 2 Specialized Vehicles

Chapter 3 Motor Vehicle Registration and Licensing

Chapter 5 Uniform Act Regulating Traffic on Highways

Chapter 7 Traffic Tickets

Chapter 9 Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Act

Chapter 10 Motor Vehicle Registration and Financial Security

Chapter 11 Road Tax on Motor Carriers

Chapter 15 Regulation of Manufacturers, Distributors and Dealers

Chapter 16 Regulation of Motorcycle Manufacturers, Distributors, Dealers, and Wholesalers

Chapter 17 Criminal Penalties

Chapter 19 Protection of Titles to and Interests in Motor Vehicles

Chapter 21 Regulation of Traffic at State Institutions

Chapter 23 Driver Training Schools

Chapter 25 Nonresident Traffic Violator Compacts

Chapter 27 Professional Housemoving

Chapter 28 Enforcement of Motor Vehicle Express Warranties

Chapter 29 Motor Vehicle Chop Shop, Stolen, and Altered Property Act

Chapter 31 Rental of Private Passenger Automobiles

Chapter 32 Motor Vehicle Damage Disclosure Act

Chapter 35 Idling Restrictions for Commercial Diesel Vehicles

Title 57 Highways, Bridges and Ferries

Chapter 5 State Highway System

Chapter 7 Obstruction or Damage to Roads or Drainage

Chapter 25 Outdoor Advertising

Chapter 27. Junkyard Control

Title 58 Public Utilities, Services and Carriers

Chapter 15 Railroad, Street Railway, Steamboat and Canal Companies

Chapter 17 The General Railroad Law

Title 59 Education

Chapter 150 South Carolina Education Lottery Act

Title 61 Alcohol and Alcoholic Beverages

Chapter 2 General Provisions

Chapter 4 Beer, Ale, Porter, and Wine

Chapter 6 Alcoholic Beverage Control Act

Chapter 8 Nuisances

Title 63 South Carolina Children's Code

Chapter 1 State Policy and General Provisions

Chapter 3 Family Court

Chapter 5 Legal Status of Children

Chapter 7 Child Protection and Permanency

Chapter 9 Adoptions

Chapter 11 Children's Services Agencies

Chapter 13 Childcare Facilities

Chapter 15 Child Custody and Visitation

Chapter 17 Paternity and Child Support

Chapter 19 Juvenile Justice Code