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Skills & Values: Discovery Practice

DAVID I. C. THOMSON, LP Professor, University of Denver, Sturm College of Law

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3rd Edition
ISBN: 9781531008185
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Skills & Values: Discovery Practice, Second Edition is designed to serve as an introduction to the practical application of the discovery rules. The book and the companion Web Course introduce each discovery topic briefly and then provide a context and structure for exercises and self-study. Skills & Values: Discovery Practice, Second Edition can be used by a professor teaching a full pre-trial course, or one focused just on discovery law. It can be used alone or in conjunction with another pre-trial text. It can be used with the problem set provided in the appendix and in the Web Course or with a professor’s own problem set. It also can be used in a mentorship program in a civil litigation law firm.

Each chapter of the book offers an introduction to the key aspects of discovery and then offers exercises that focus on the governing Federal Rule of Civil Procedure (FRCP). The chapters are organized in the order that the discovery rules are most commonly used. The exercises at the end of each chapter ask the student to put the governing rules into action by actually drafting the discovery documents described in the preceding chapter.

• The book covers the following topics:

• Planning for Discovery

• Initial Disclosure

• Interrogatories and Answers to Interrogatories

• Document Requests and Answers to Document Requests

• eDiscovery

• Motion to Compel Production

• Expert Witness Disclosure

• Depositions of Fact and Expert Witnesses

• Requests for Admission and Answers to Requests for Admission

• Motion in limine

• Settlement

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Planning for Discovery Chapter One: Planning for Discovery

Chapter Two: Initial Disclosures

Chapter Three: Interrogatories

Chapter Four: Answers to Interrogatories

Chapter Five: Document Requests

Chapter Six: eDiscovery

Chapter Seven: Answers to Document Requests

Chapter Eight: Motion to Compel Production

Chapter Nine: Expert Witness Disclosure

Chapter Ten: Depositions of Fact and Expert Witnesses

Chapter Eleven: Requests for Admission

Chapter Twelve: Answers to Requests for Admission

Chapter Thirteen: Motion in Limine

Chapter Fourteen: Settlement