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Show, Don't Tell: Legal Writing for the Real World

Adam Lamparello, Assistant Professor of Law, Indiana Tech Law School; Megan E. Boyd

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ISBN: 9781630446208
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Show, Don't Tell: Legal Writing for the Real World was written for law students, lawyers, law firms, law clerks, and judges who want to dramatically improve their legal writing skills in the "real world" of law practice. This book was written for law students throughout the country who want to know "how things work in the real world" and lawyers who want a straightforward, no-nonsense resource to improve their writing.

The book has a unique structure. Beginning with Chapter 1, Show, Don't Tell immerses the reader in an interesting, hotly contested hypothetical lawsuit. The following chapters take the reader through each step of the litigation process, from the initial memorandum to the appellate brief. Each chapter focuses on a specific legal document-such as a complaint or motion for summary judgment and includes examples drafted and edited by each of the authors, who act as opposing counsel.

Show, Don't Tell is designed to help all members of the legal profession learn to effectively draft the most common litigation documents. It will not only benefit law students, but will assist law schools that are transitioning to an experiential-based learning model, and law firms that seek a concise, economic, and comprehensive guide to teach young lawyers litigation drafting.

Table of Contents

Ch 1 Waters v. Harrison

Ch 2 Tips for Writing in the Real World

Ch 3 Tips for Persuasive Writing in the Real World

Ch 4 The Legal Memorandum

Ch 5 Client Letters

Ch 6 The Complaint

Ch 7 The Motion to Dismiss

Ch 8 The Answer

Ch 9 Discovery

Ch 10 The Motion for Summary Judgment

Ch 11 Pretrial Motions - The Motion in Limine

Ch 12 The Court's Decision

Ch 13 The Appellate Brief