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Sexual Assault Trials

Because of the dynamic nature of sexual assault litigation, current knowledge, ...
Publisher: Michie
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4th Edition
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ISBN: 9781630443245
Publisher: Michie
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Book Edition: 2017S

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Because of the dynamic nature of sexual assault litigation, current knowledge, principles, and approaches can easily become outdated. Stay on top of the latest developments in this area with Sexual Assault Trials, the only book of its kind written by an active trial practitioner.

Covering virtually all aspects of sexual assault trials, this resource is a complete handbook for anticipating and fulfilling the special demands of sexual assault cases. Get expert guidance on discovery and pretrial issues, jury selection, direct and cross-examination, hearsay, expert testimony, presentation of evidence, and jury instructions to help you develop a winning strategy for your case.

The discussion also includes an analysis of the medical, scientific, and social science issues that come up in sexual assault litigation, such as the interpretation of physical findings in the examination of assault victims, the psychological aspects of sexual abuse, sensitivities involved in interviewing the child witness, and DNA and related technology.

Whether you’re searching for answers on how to proceed in a sexual assault case, or just want expert advice on trial tactics for any criminal trial, you’ll find the information you need in Sexual Assault Trials

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Pretrial Issues, Discovery, and Motions
Chapter 2 Fair Trial, Free Press, and Dealing with Publicity
Chapter 3 Jury Selection
Chapter 4 Opening Statement
Chapter 5 Direct and Cross-Examination of Complaining Witness
Chapter 6 Direct and Cross-Examination of Defendant
Chapter 7 Consent
Chapter 8 Identification and Identification Defense
Chapter 9 AIDS and Sexual Assault
Chapter 10 Hearsay
Chapter 11 Expert Testimony
Chapter 12 Medical Evidence and Testimony
Chapter 13 DNA and Scientific Evidence
Chapter 14 Painting the Picture: The Use of Real and Demonstrative Evidence
Chapter 15 Summation
Chapter 16 Jury Instructions