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Securitizations: Legal and Regulatory Issues (Print+Online+eBook)

Publisher: ALM
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ISBN: 9781588520913
Publisher: ALM
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Securitizations: Legal and Regulatory Issues is a much-needed guide to one of the most strategically important areas of structured finance. Written by over two dozen experts with hands-on experience, this timely and insightful work explains the benefits—and risks—of securitization, and the legal, tax, accounting, and other issues involved. It includes: detailed discussion of the assets that can be securitized; rating agency considerations; the legal structure of securitization transactions; tax consequences for issuers and investors; the effect of an issuer' bankruptcy; contractual restrictions; regulatory concerns; cross-border and future-flow transactions; financial guaranty insurance; insurance securitizations; and securitization issues unique to specific foreign countries. For newcomers to the field, Securitizations: Legal and Regulatory Issues quickly brings you up to speed. For the experienced practitioner, it serves as an essential companion and reference as new techniques arise and new markets emerge.