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Securities Arbitration Procedure Manual

This two volume manual is acknowledged to be the essential reference in the field of securities arbitration.
Publisher: Matthew Bender
Frequency: (1 issues)
Print Book :2 volumes, loose-leaf
5th Edition
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ISBN: 9780327161882
Publisher: Matthew Bender
Frequency: (1 issues)
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Securities Arbitration Procedure Manual, now in a completely updated 25th year edition, is a two-volume manual that is widely acknowledged as the essential reference in the field of securities arbitration. It systematically describes the issues that arise in a customer-broker or broker-brokerage firm dispute, how to evaluate the merits of a case (from both sides of the dispute), and how to prepare and present cases to arbitration panels anywhere in the country. In the 25th year edition, practitioner David E. Robbins updates his work to reflect current developments, such as: cases that win and cases that lose, what to ask for in discovery, how to select arbitrators, what arbitrators want to see in claims and answers, how to prepare your client to testify and how to cross examine opposing witnesses in an arbitration setting. There is also an updated chapter on how to successfully mediate your case.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Arbitrations Versus Litigation
Chapter 2 The Arbitration Agreement
Chapter 3 A Review of the Law
Chapter 4 Arbitrability of Securities Disputes
Chapter 5 Case Evaluation
Chapter 6 Attorneys, Experts, and Pre-Filing Issues
Chapter 7 Commencing Arbitration
Chapter 8 Responsive Pleadings and Motions
Chapter 9 Discovery at the SROs and the AAA
Chapter 10 Arbitrators
Chapter 11 Hearing Rules Explained
Chapter 12 Hearing Presentation Techniques
Chapter 13 Deliberation and Award
Chapter 14 Available Relief and Effect of Awards
Chapter 15 Industry Arbitrations
Chapter 16 Securities Mediation and Settlements
Appendices including Internet Discovery Tools