Section 337 Patent Investigation Management Guide

A comprehensive product that presents the full range of options for managing ITC investigations and explains the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches.
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Patent litigation in the United States has grown steadily over the past 20 years. As District Courts became bogged down with such cases - - which can take 3 to 5 years to reach the trial stage - - many patent owners have gravitated toward the U.S. International Trade Commission's policing of unfair trade practices under Section 337 of the Trade Act. Section 337 Patent Investigation Management Guide is a comprehensive, user-friendly, and practical manual for experienced ITC professionals as well as new entrants to this important branch of patent enforcement. Organized around the contours of ITC investigations, this treatise provides invaluable insight into the nuances of ITC procedures. Section 337 Patent Investigation Management Guide also serves as a critical resource for companies seeking to evaluate their options, enforcement strategies, and defense tools, as well as for the full range of patent professionals - - many of whom have little experience with the ITC process.

Table of contents

Table of Contents



Chapter 1 Background and General Principles

Chapter 2 Early Investigation Management

Chapter 3 Temporary Exclusion Orders

Chapter 4 Discovery

Chapter 5 Claim Construction

Chapter 6 Summary Determination & Interlocutory Commission Review

Chapter 7 Pre-Hearing

Chapter 8 Hearing

Chapter 9 Post-Hearing Briefing and the ALJ's Initial and Recommended Determinations

Chapter 10 Commission Review

Chapter 11 Presidential Review

Chapter 12 Federal Circuit Review

Chapter 13 Post-Final Determination Proceedings and Enforcement of Remedy Orders

Chapter 14 Section 337 Primer

Chapter 15 Patent Law Primer

Appendix A Acronyms

Appendix B Glossary

Appendix C Trade Act- -19 U.S.C. § 1337

Appendix D Rules of Practice and Procedure

Appendix E US ITC, Section 337 Investigations: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Appendix F Ground Rules for ALJs

Appendix F-1 Chief ALJ Bullock's Ground Rules

Appendix F-2 ALJ Essex's Ground Rules

Appendix F-3 ALJ Gildea's Ground Rules

Appendix F-4 ALJ Pender's Ground Rules

Appendix F-5 ALJ Rogers' Ground Rules

Appendix F-6 ALJ Shaw's Ground Rules

Appendix G 337 Statute Legislative History and Hearings

Appendix H Public Interest Rules

Appendix I Electronic Resources

Appendix J Bibliography of Commentary on the ITC

Appendix K Author and Collaborator Biographies

Table of Cases

Table of Statutes