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Scientific Automobile Accident Reconstruction

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ISBN: 9780820513430
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Unparalleled coverage, including:

•  Products liability
•  Impact and accident site analysis
•  Expert witnesses
•  Driver performance
•  Influence of alcohol
•  Automobile accident law and police traffic accident investigation
•  Computer accident reconstruction analysis
•  Passive restraints
•  Child restraints
•  Mechanical failures involving brakes, steering, suspensions, accelerators, and wheels and tires
•  Fires
•  Occupant crash protection
•  Trucks and trailers
•  Automotive aerodynamics
•  Motorcycles
•  Recreational vehicles
•  ATVs

First published in 1964.

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Table of Contents

Publication Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Expert Witnesses in Automobile Accident Reconstruction

Chapter 2 Driver Reaction Time

Chapter 3 Skid Marks and Road Marks

Chapter 3A Controlled Skid Studies

Chapter 4 Coefficient of Friction

Chapter 5 Skid Marks, Speed, and Stopping Distance

Chapter 6 Effect of Road Gradient

Chapter 7 Brakes and Braking

Chapter 8 Speed and Collision

Chapter 9 Critical Speed Around Curves

Chapter 10 Impact Analysis

Chapter 11 Acceleration and Deceleration

Chapter 12 Summary of Automobile Accident Reconstruction Law

Chapter 12A Automotive Products Liability Law

Chapter 13 Speed Preceding a Fall

Chapter 14 Auto-Pedestrian Accidents

Chapter 15 Bicycle Accidents

Chapter 16 Human Factors--Driver Vision and Related Problems

Chapter 16A Police Traffic Accident Investigation

Chapter 17 Second Collision

Chapter 18 Center of Gravity Considerations

Chapter 19 Braking Systems

Chapter 19A General Motors’ X-Car Braking Problems

Chapter 20 Steering Systems

Chapter 21 Accelerator Control Systems

Chapter 22 Suspension Systems

Chapter 23 Wheels and Tires

Chapter 24 Failure Analysis

Chapter 24A Nondestructive Testing

Chapter 25 Vehicle Deterioration, Modification, and Repair

Chapter 26 Stability and Handling Characteristics

Chapter 27 Automotive Fires

Chapter 28 [Reserved]

Chapter 29 Trial Preparation and Presentation

Chapter 30 Direct and Cross Examination of Expert Witnesses

Chapter 31 Seat Belts and Restraints--Occupant Crash Protection

Chapter 32 Trucks, Tractors and Tractor-Trailer Rigs

Chapter 33 Trailer Tracking

Chapter 34 Automotive Aerodynamics

Chapter 35 Motorcycles

Chapter 36 Motorcycle Helmets

Chapter 37 Calculation and Computer Tools for Accident Reconstruction

Chapter 38 Small Car Safety

Chapters 39-40 [Reserved]

Chapter 41 Tachographs

Chapter 42 Highway Design, Hazards and Repair

Chapter 43 [Reserved]

Chapter 44 Light Truck Safety

Chapter 45 Photography in Accident Reconstruction

Chapter 46 Whiplash

Chapter 47 Speed Measurement by Radar, Laser, and Other Devices

Chapter 48 Recreational Vehicles

Chapter 48A AU-Terrain Vehicles

Chapter 49 Quality Control in the Automotive Industry

Chapter 50 [Reserved]

Chapter 51 Information Resources

Chapters 52-53 [Reserved]

Chapter 54 Government Regulation and Defect Investigation Procedures

Chapter 55 School Bus Safety

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