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Rigos Law School and UBE Real Property and Future Interests Primer

James J. Rigos
Publisher: LexisNexis
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2015 Edition
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ISBN: 9781632844248
Publisher: LexisNexis
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Rigos Law School and UBE Real Property and Future Interests Primer has everything you need to study for Property in law school or on the MBE.

Rigos Property Primer Features:

• Subjects are presented in easy-to-read outline format with exam tips highlighting question concentrations and built-in “learning questions.” These books do not reflect the NCBE content changes effective for exams after July, 2016.

• Acronyms-mnemonics help you to memorize the black letter law elements frequently tested and provide a structure for issue spotting and essay answers.

• Magic Memory Outlines™ help you to summarize material and Make Your Own Exam™ software drills available.

• More than 200 practice multiple-choice questions tied with question maps to our textual coverage with full answer rationales explaining all four alternatives.

• Essay questions, grading guides, and detailed answers presented.

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Table of Contents

A. Text

I. MBE Property Coverage

II. Real v. Personal Property Distinction

III. Concurrent Estates

IV. Non-Possessory Interests – ELP

V. Private Use Restrictions and Limitations

VI. Government Land Use Regulation

VII. Agreements to Transfer

VIII. Conveying Deeds and Related

IX. Adverse Possession

X. Real Property Financing Instruments

XI. Owner’s Rights

XII. Landlord and Tenant

XIII. Estates in Land

XIV. Final Property Primer Review Instructions

B. Magic Memory Outlines®

C. Distribution Map for Questions

D. Multiple-Choice Learning and Practice Questions

E. Multiple-Choice Answer Rationales

F. Past Exam Issue Question Frequency

G. Primary Issue Statements

H. Property Essay Questions

I. Property Essay Answers

J. Acronyms-Mnemonics

K. Property Subject Matter Index