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Representing Children in Child Protective Proceedings: Ethical and Practical Dimensions

There is no area of legal practice with higher stakes than the representation ...
Publisher: Michie
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3rd Edition
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Publisher: Michie
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There is no area of legal practice with higher stakes than the representation of abused or neglected children. Children often become lost in the powerful, adult-driven legal system. If you handle these cases, you know how delicate they can be—and how important it is to get the right result. .

Professor Jean Koh Peters provides the expert analysis and practical guidance you need to ensure that your child-clients receive the best representation possible. She skillfully ties theory to specific, concrete advice concerning the representation of children and different facets of the lawyer-client relationship. .

Professor Peters has expanded Representing Children in Child Protective Proceedings in this International, Third Edition to describe the child’s right to have her voice heard under provisions of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) in each of the 194 Member Nations who signed the CRC and in the 56 American jurisdictions. Thanks to an extraordinary collaborative effort among researchers and staff at the Yale Law School, it contains six charts detailing the results of this extensive research. Two new chapters have also been added, incorporating research about international law into practice suggestions and areas of further study for the child’s representative.

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Table of Contents

Principles Governing Representation of Children in Child Protective Proceedings
Seven Questions to Keep Us Honest
Step-by-Step: The Model of Representation
What the Child Client Rightfully Expects Her Lawyer to Do
Principles of Good Communication with Child Clients
Making Decisions with the Child Client
Pursuing the Goals of the Representation
Ten Tips for the Lawyer at the Interdisciplinary Meeting
Ten Skills and Strategies for Constructive Termination
Historical Research into Separate Systems of Law for Children
Author's Previously Published Materials
Other Standards on Child Representation
Comparison Charts
Reprinted Materials on Child-Client Communication and Interdisciplinary Tools