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Questions & Answers: Torts

Anita Bernstein, Anita & Stuart Subotnik Professor of Law, Brooklyn Law School; The Late David P. Leonard, Professor of Law & William M. Rains Fellow, Loyola Law School. Every tort claim for relief, and every affirmative tort defense, has a set of required elements. This book helps students develop an understanding of these elements and their application.

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4th Edition
ISBN: 9781531005016
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Every tort claim for relief, and every affirmative tort defense, has a set of required elements. It is the student’s task to learn these elements and to develop an understanding about how to apply them to real and hypothetical fact patterns.

Questions & Answers: Torts can help you with this task. The book includes 202 questions - some tough and some relatively easy - organized by topic. The multiple choice questions might ask you to pick the best of a list, the worst of a list, or the story that illustrates a point of doctrine most effectively. The short answers ask you to analyze scenarios and communicate discrete points. The Practice Final Exam and Essay Issue-Spotter Questions contain an additional 54 questions.

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Table of Contents

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TOPIC 1. Intentional Torts: Battery and Assault

TOPIC 2. Intentional Torts: Invasions into Land, Harm to Property, and False

TOPIC 3. Defenses to Intentional Torts

TOPIC 4. Negligence: The Duty of Care

TOPIC 5. Negligence: Breach of Duty

TOPIC 6. Negligence: Causation - Actual and Proximate

TOPIC 7. Defenses to Negligence

TOPIC 8. Strict Liability and Nuisance

TOPIC 9. Products Liability

TOPIC 10. Defamation

TOPIC 11. Invasion of Privacy

TOPIC 12. Emotional Distress

TOPIC 13. Harm to Economic Interests

TOPIC 14. Damages

TOPIC 15. Multiple Defendants and Vicarious Liability

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