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Questions & Answers: Administrative Law

Linda D. Jellum, Ellison Capers Palmer Sr. Professor of Law, Mercer University School of Law; Karen A. Jordan, Professor of Law, University of Louisville, Louis D. Brandeis School of Law

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3rd Edition
ISBN: 9781630447915
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This study guide uses over 200 multiple-choice and short-answer questions to test your students' knowledge of administrative law and procedure. It includes an introduction to the study of administrative law and the Administrative Procedure Act, and covers such topics as agency legitimacy and structure, legislative rulemaking and non-legislative rulemaking, adjudication, due process, retroactivity, availability of judicial review, standard of judicial review, inspections, reports, subpoenas, the Freedom of Information Act, and attorneys' fees.

Each multiple-choice question is accompanied by a detailed answer that indicates which of four options is the best answer and explains why that option is better than the other three options. Each short-answer question (designed to be answered in no more than fifteen minutes) is followed by a thoughtful, yet brief, model answer. Q & A: Administrative Law also includes a comprehensive topical index.

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Table of Contents

Topic 1: Introduction to Administrative Law & the APA

Topic 2: Agency Structure & Organization

Topic 3: Adjudication Procedures

Topic 4: Rulemaking Procedures

Topic 5: Exception From Notice & Comment Rulemaking

Topic 6: Retroactivity

Topic 7: Availability of Judicial Review

Topic 8: Standard of Review

Topic 9: Government Acquisition of Private Information: Inspections, Subpoenas, & Reports

Topic 10: Public Access to Government Information & Recovery of Attorney's Fees