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Privacy and Data Protection in Business: Laws and Practices

Prof. Jonathan I. Ezor, Assistant Professor of Law, Director, Institute for Business, Law and Technology (IBLT) Touro Law Center

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ISBN: 9780327179719
Published: November 02, 2012
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This book incorporates the "functional guidance" demanded by the real world legal practice without being " over technical." This book bridges the gap between lawyers and technologists using a threefold approach combining technology, law and business practices. The author intends on first laying the overall legal and technical foundation, then discussing the processes through which data are collected, stored and used.

Each chapter begins with an explanation of the operation being addressed (i.e. e-mail, social networking etc.) and how personal information is obtained and used, followed by key statutes, regulations and cases with links to full text. Each chapter will conclude with discussion of best practices, policies and methods that are used to comply with the law.

Also has a Teacher's Manual.