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Pratt's Lender Liability Law Report

Liability Law Report is the highly focused, monthly newsletter that delivers timely coverage of important lender liability cases and events, combining reliable reports and expert analysis in a way that helps you avoid or reduce liability while mitigating the chance of litigation.
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Creditors can become subject to substantial liability for a variety of actions in the normal course of business. Lender Liability Law Report provides expert analysis, summaries of current court cases, and techniques on how to avoid and defend against potentially disastrous lawsuits brought by borrowers.

Lender Liability Law Report provides you monthly with actual examples of the issues faced by creditors in court. The Report offers analysis and guidance regarding court cases in areas such as the following:

•  Oral loan commitments
•  Improper demand for payment--accelerated clauses
•  Taking control of a defaulting borrower’s business
•  Punitive damage awards
•  Liability under RICO
•  Repossession and resale of collateral
•  Environmental liability
•  Fraud claims

This eBook features links to Lexis Advance for further legal research options.

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