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Practical Guide to The Occupational Safety and Health Act (Print+Online+eBook)

Publisher: ALM
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ISBN: 9781588520180
Publisher: ALM
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The Occupational Safety and Health Act applies to virtually every employer in the nation. This fully annotated volume—designed to speed your research when OSHA problems arise—provides complete coverage from the points of view of employers, employees, the courts, and the agencies responsible for enforcement.

A Practical Guide to The Occupational Safety and Health Act discusses subjects such as: the practical impact OSHA has on a business; how employers should respond to an OSHA inspection or enforcement proceeding; the right of employees to initiate and participate in inspections; appropriate challenges in rulemaking and adjudication proceedings; and analysis of the statute and regulations to ascertain the rights of all parties. It includes coverage of: the possibility of criminal prosecution for OSHA violations and the degree to which an employer's "indifference" to violations can constitute "actual knowledge"; the doctrine of "unpreventible employee misconduct"; and the responsibility of architects, engineers and other professionals to ensure compliance with safety standards.