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Powell on Real Property®: Michael Allan Wolf Desk Edition

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Print Book :1 volume, softbound, updated annually
ISBN: 9781422427491
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For 60 years, courts and practitioners have turned to the insights and analysis contained in Powell on Real Property. Updated 4 times a year, the 17-volume treatise (Main Treatise) includes many topics not originally part of the 1949 version -- for example, green buildings.

Now the busy practitioner and researcher can reach for the new, highly abridged, 1-volume Michael Allan Wolf Desk Edition of the treatise. This is a new soft-bound, extremely condensed adaptation of Powell carefully crafted by the General Editor of the Main Treatise, Professor Michael Allan Wolf, to become the version of Powell you can keep at your desk or carry with you as you begin your real property law research and analysis.

Valuable as a compact stand-alone resource, the Powell on Real Property: Michael Allan Wolf Desk Edition can also easily be used in tandem with the more comprehensive Main Treatise to delve deeper into real property law because its chapters and sections retain the same numbering system as the Main Treatise.

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Table of Contents

--Introduction to Permissible Interests in Land

--Classification of Present Possessory Interests

--Estates in Fee Simple

--Estates in Fee Simple Conditional, Estates in Fee Tail, and Related Estates

--Estates for Life

--The Landlord and Tenant Estates: Creation and Characteristics

--Rent and Rent Control

--Tenant's Rights and Remedies

--Landlord's Rights and Remedies

--Future Interests Defined and Differentiated

--Transferability of Future Interests

--Failure of an Interest: Effect on Prior or Succeeding Interests

--The Creation of Future Interests and Applicable Rules of Construction

--Requirement of Survival

--Dispositive Transfers Over on Death Or on Death Without Issue

--Miscellaneous Construction Problems

--Class Gifts-Limitations to Children Grandchildren, Brothers, Sisters,

--Class Gifts-Limitations to Heirs, Heirs of the Body, Next of Kin or Relatives

--Powers of Appointment

--Easements and Licenses

--Mortgages and Mortgage Foreclosures

--The Impact of the Truth in Lending Act and RESPA Upon Real Estate Financing

--Statutory Liens of Nongovernmental Creditors: Judgment Creditors and Mechanics' Lienors

--Tenancy In Common, Tenancy in Partnership, and Tenancy in Coparcenary

--Joint Tenancy

--Tenancy by the Entirety


--Covenants As To Property Use



--Common-Law Rule Against Perpetuities -- General Aspects

--Common-Law Rule Against Perpetuities -- Specific Applications

--"Wait and See," Cy Pres, and Other Modifications of the Rule Against Perpetuities

--Illegal Restraints on Alienation

--Green Buildings

--Eminent Domain

--Contracts of Sale -- The Law of Vendor and Purchaser

--Transfer By Deed

--Recording Acts and Priorities

--Lis Pendens

--Transfer of Land Not By Deed

--Liability of Real Estate Developers and Other Vendors to Homebuyers

--Real Estate Brokers

--Adverse Possession

--Title Insurance

--Powell in the Courts