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Personal Injury Practice in North Carolina is a practical guide that covers the most common questions in personal injury law, including practical tips on how to analyze and investigate these cases. This publication is a must-have resource for your personal injury practice!

Edited by Adrienne Blocker, Law Offices of Adrienne Blocker, PLLC, and Michelle B. Clifton, Grace, Tisdale & Clifton, P.A. this resource is built to help you navigate the major issues and most common cases in personal injury law. Its eleven chapters include: Insurance Bad Faith Considerations; DWI and other Punitive Issues; Commercial and Trucking Cases; Soft Tissue Injury Cases; Premises Liability; and Definitive and Major Injury Cases.

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CHAPTER 1     The Analysis and Investigation of Personal Injury Cases
John M. McCabe

CHAPTER 2     Insurance Coverage for Injuries Arising Out of the Use of an Automobile
Don Higley

CHAPTER 3     Insurance Bad Faith Considerations for the Lawyer Handling Personal Injury Claims In North Carolina
J. David Stradley and Robert P. Holmes

CHAPTER 4     Soft Tissue Injury Cases
Michael S. Rothrock

CHAPTER 5     Definitive and Major Injury Cases
Douglas Abrams, Margaret S. Abrams and Noah B. Abrams

CHAPTER 6     DWI and Other Punitive Issues
Michelle B. Clifton

CHAPTER 7     Identifying, Retaining and Training Your Expert Witnesses
Kevin Williams

CHAPTER 8     Arbitration of UM/UIM Insurance Matters
Christopher R. Nichols

CHAPTER 9     Commercial and Trucking Cases
Brian Davis

CHAPTER 10   Premises Liability—A Slippery Floor in North Carolina
Adrienne Blocker

CHAPTER 11   Disbursements
Gary Clemmons and Michael F. Roessler