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Pennsylvania Rules of Evidence

The complete Pennsylvania Rules of Evidence with commentary and annotations. Includes the comments of the Committee on the Rules of Evidence.
Publisher: Gann Law Books
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2018 Edition
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ISBN: 9781522153511
Publisher: Gann Law Books
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A comprehensive treatise, the perfect place to begin researching a complex issue and a handy, portable reference tool for use in court. Judge Bernstein's comments present Pennsylvania's unique perspective on the Rules of Evidence and underscore the importance of looking for the meaning of each rule within its State-law context.

Online Access: The online edition of Pennsylvania Rules of Evidence Annotated is available through Gann Law Books, at no additional charge. It is updated throughout the year and includes the full text of cited court decisions. Registration for online access is easy. See the instructions on the inside-back cover of your print edition. Click here to Register for Online Access after purchase

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Table of Contents

Article I. General Provisions

Article II. Judicial Notice

Article III. Presumptions

Article IV. Relevancy And Its Limits

Article V. Privileges

Article VI. Witnesses

Article VII. Opinions And Expert Testimony

Article VIII. Hearsay

Article IX. Authentication And Identification

Article X. Contents Of Writings, Recordings, And Photographs

Table of Cases