Pennsylvania Labor & Employment Law

By James A. Matthews, III
Publisher: ALM

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3rd Edition
ISBN: 9781628815061
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In this fully revised edition, author James A. Matthews, III, has provided a thorough and focused examination of the federal, state and local equal opportunity and employment laws governing Pennsylvania employers and employees. In addition, substantial appendices of statutes, regulations, forms and other materials have been included in this new edition.

The recently published Pennsylvania Labor & Employment: Employment Discrimination text is summarized in Chapter 3 of this edition of Pennsylvania Labor & Employment Law.

Summary Chapter List
Chapter 1: The Employment Relationship and Employment-at-Will
Chapter 2: Modification of Employment-at-Will by Contract
Chapter 3: Employment Discrimination
Chapter 4: Other Statutory Limitations on Employment-at-Will
Chapter 5: Non-Statutory Limitations on Employment-at-Will: "Public Policy"
Chapter 6: Workplace Torts
Chapter 7: Employee Privacy & Freedom of Action
Chapter 8: Employee Loyalty & Protection of Employer Interests
Chapter 9: Wages & Hours
Chapter 10: Family,Medical, & Military Leave
Chapter 11: Workplace Health and Safety
Chapter 12: Unemployment Compensation

This area of law has evolved and become increasingly complex. Treating all of the relevant topics in a single volume became impractical. In order to provide a thorough treatment of the issues, the area of employment discrimination deserved a book of its own. Accordingly, Chapter 3 of Pennsylvania Labor & Employment Law in the first edition is now a separate title: Pennsylvania Labor & Employment Law: Employment Discrimination, published in December 2015.