Pennsylvania Labor & Employment Law: Employment Discrimination

By James A Matthews, III
Publisher: ALM

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2016 Edition
ISBN: 9781576259139
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A NEW companion to the Pennsylvania Labor & Employment Law by James A. Matthews, III.

The law surrounding discrimination in employment is constantly changing and evolving, and to present the law in the most useful and easy-to-reference fashion, James Matthews has created a stand-alone treatise on the topic. The author has completely revamped, updated and augmented his coverage of employment discrimination, and the new book contains a comprehensive index, case table, and appendix materials.

Pennsylvania Labor & Employment Law: Employment Discrimination provides a thorough and focused examination of the federal, state and local equal opportunity and employment discrimination laws governing Pennsylvania employers and employees. It contains an up-to-date analysis of the most recent decisions of the United States Supreme Court and federal courts within the Third Circuit and includes extensive appendices of statutory and administrative materials for easy reference.

Sections include: Sources of Law, Theories of Discrimination and Methods of Proof, Protected Classes, Enforcement and Remedies

With hyperlinks to full text of cases, statutes and other authoritative content Pennsylvania & Employment Law: Employment Discrimination is available as e Book, and as an annual paperback.