Parker's California Civil Code

This edition features California's Civil Code, with excerpts from Legislative Counsel's Digest.
Publisher: Michie

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2022 Edition
ISBN: 9781663331090
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2022 Edition
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This edition of Parker's California Codes represents the most convenient, practical option in California statutory research. The printed codes are portable, easy-to-use in the office or the courtroom. Their unique Quick-Find Index allows you to find law "on point" instantly, while the Table of Sections Affected helps you to quickly locate the latest changes in the code.

The 2021 edition ISBN is 9781663308665.

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Table of contents






Part 1 Persons With Unsound Mind

Part 1.5 Uniform Minor Student Capacity To Borrow Act [Repealed]

Part 2 Personal Rights

Part 2.5 Blind and Other Physically Disabled Persons

Part 2.52 Construction-related Accessibility Standards Compliance

Part 2.53 Attorney's Fees and Statutory Damages in Construction-Related Accessibility Standards Claims

Part 2.6 Confidentiality of Medical Information

Chapter 1 Definitions

Chapter 2 Disclosure of Medical Information by Providers

Chapter 2.5 Disclosure of Genetic Test Results by Health Care Service Plan

Chapter 3 Use and Disclosure of Medical Information by Employers

Chapter 4 Relationship of Chapters 2 and 3

Chapter 5 Use and Disclosure of Medical and other Information by Third Party Administrators and Others

Chapter 6 Relationship to Existing Law

Chapter 7 Violations

Part 2.7 Medical Claims Data Error Correction

Part 2.9 California Fair Dealership Law

Part 3 Personal Relations [Repealed]

Part 4 Corporations [Repealed]


Part 1 Property in General

Title 1 Nature of Property

Title 2 Ownership

Chapter 1 Owners

Chapter 2 Modifications of Ownership

Chapter 2.5 Principal and Income Law [Repealed]

Chapter 2.6 Legal Estates Principal and Income Law

Chapter 3 Rights of Owners

Chapter 4 Termination of Ownership

Title 3 General Definitions

Part 2 Real or Immovable Property

Title 1 General Provisions

Title 2 Estates in Real Property

Chapter 1 Estates in General

Chapter 2 Termination of Estates

Chapter 2.5 Mobilehome Residency Law

Chapter 2.6 Recreational Vehicle Park Occupancy Law

Chapter 2.7 Floating Home Residency Law

Chapter 3 Servitudes

Chapter 4 Conservation Easements

Chapter 4.5 Greenway Easements

Chapter 5 Housing Cooperatives and Housing Cooperative Trusts

Title 3 Rights and Obligations of Owners

Chapter 1 Rights of Owners.

Chapter 2 Obligations of Owners

Chapter 3 Environmental Responsibility Acceptance Act

Title 4 Uses and Trusts [Repealed]

Title 5 Marketable Record Title

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Chapter 2 Ancient Mortgages and Deeds of Trust

Chapter 3 Mineral Rights

Chapter 4 Unexercised Options

Chapter 5 Powers of Termination

Chapter 6 Unperformed Contracts for Sale of Real Property

Chapter 7 Abandoned Easements

Title 6 Rent Skimming

Title 7 Requirements for Actions for Construction Defects

Chapter 1 Definitions

Chapter 2 Actionable Defects

Chapter 3 Obligations

Chapter 4 Prelitigation Procedure

Chapter 5 Procedure

Title 8 Reconstruction of Homes Lost in Cedar Fire, October 2003 [Repealed]

Part 3 Personal or Movable Property

Title 1 Personal Property in General

Title 2 Particular Kinds of Personal Property

Chapter 1 Things in Action

Chapter 2 Shipping

Chapter 3 Products of the Mind

Chapter 4 Other Kinds of Personal Property

Part 4 Acquisition of Property

Title 1 Modes in Which Property May Be Acquired

Title 2 Occupancy

Title 3 Accession

Chapter 1 Accession to Real Property

Chapter 2 Accession to Personal Property

Title 4 Transfer

Chapter 1 Transfers in General

Chapter 2 Transfer of Real Property

Chapter 3 Transfer of Personal Property

Chapter 4 Recording Transfers

Chapter 5 Unlawful Transfers

Title 5 Homesteads [Repealed]

Title 6 Common Interest Developments [Repealed]

Chapter 1 General Provisions [Repealed]

Chapter 2 Governing Documents [Repealed]

Chapter 3 Ownership Rights and Interests [Repealed]

Chapter 4 Governance [Repealed]

Chapter 5 Operations [Repealed]

Chapter 6 Transfer of Ownership Interests [Repealed]

Chapter 7 Civil Actions and Liens [Repealed]

Chapter 8 Construction of Instruments and Zoning [Repealed]

Chapter 9 Construction Defect Litigation [Repealed]

Chapter 10 Improvements [Repealed]

Title 7 Powers of Appointment [Repealed]

Title 8 Water Rights

Title 9 Hydraulic Mining [Repealed]

Title 10 Mining Claims, Tunnel Rights and Mill Sites [Repealed]


Part 1 Obligations in General

Title 1 Definition of Obligations

Title 2 Interpretation of Obligations

Chapter 1 General Rules of Interpretation

Chapter 2 Joint or Several Obligations

Chapter 3 Conditional Obligations

Chapter 4 Alternative Obligations

Title 3 Transfer of Obligations

Title 4 Extinction of Obligations

Chapter 1 Performance

Chapter 2 Offer of Performance

Chapter 3 Prevention of Performance or Offer

Chapter 4 Accord and Satisfaction

Chapter 5 Novation

Chapter 6 Release

Part 2 Contracts

Title 1 Nature of a Contract

Chapter 1 Definition

Chapter 2 Parties

Chapter 3 Consent

Chapter 4 Object of a Contract

Chapter 5 Consideration

Title 2 Manner of Creating Contracts

Title 2.5 Electronic Transactions

Title 3 Interpretation of Contracts

Title 4 Unlawful Contracts

Title 4.5 Liquidated Damages

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Chapter 2 Default on Real Property Purchase Contract

Title 5 Extinction of Contracts

Chapter 1 Contracts, How Extinguished

Chapter 2 Rescission

Chapter 2.1 Dating Service Contracts

Chapter 2.2 Weight Loss Contracts

Chapter 2.5 Home Equity Sales Contracts

Chapter 3 Modification and Cancellation

Part 3 Obligations Imposed by Law

Part 4 Obligations Arising from Particular Transactions

Title 1 Consignment of Fine Art

Chapter 1 Definitions

Chapter 2 General Provisions

Title 1A Independent Wholesale Sales Representatives

Title 1.1 Sale and Manufacture of Political Items

Title 1.1A Autographed Sports Memorabilia

Title 1.2 Sale of Fine Prints

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Chapter 2 Full Disclosure in the Sale of Fine Prints

Chapter 3 Remedies and Penalties

Title 1.2A Violent Video Games

Title 1.3 Credit Cards

Title 1.3A Credit Card Disclosure

Title 1.3B Charge Card Disclosures

Title 1.3C Debit Cards

Title 1.4 Layaway Practices

Title 1.4A Gift Certificates

Title 1.4B Supermarket Club Cards

Title 1.5 Consumers Legal Remedies Act

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Chapter 2 Construction and Definitions

Chapter 3 Deceptive Practices

Chapter 4 Remedies and Procedures

Title 1.6 Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies Act

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Chapter 2 Obligations of Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies

Chapter 3 Requirements on Users of Consumer Credit Reports

Chapter 3.5 Obligations of Furnishers of Credit Information

Chapter 3.6 (Repealed January 1, 2017) Escrow Agent Rating Service

Chapter 4 Remedies

Title 1.61 Commercial Credit Reports

Title 1.6A Investigative Consumer Reporting Agencies

Title 1.6B Consumer Credit Denial

Title 1.6C Fair Debt Collection Practices

Title 1.6C.5 Fair Debt Buying Practices

Title 1.6D Electronic Commerce

Title 1.6E Credit Services

Title 1.6F Check Cashers

Title 1.7 Consumer Warranties

Chapter 1 Consumer Warranty Protection

Chapter 1.5 Motor Vehicle Warranty Adjustment Programs

Chapter 2 Standards for Warranty Work

Chapter 3 Mobilehome Warranties

Chapter 4 Grey Market Goods

Chapter 5 Home Roof Warranties

Title 1.8 Personal Data

Chapter 1 Information Practices Act of 1977

Title 1.80 Identification Documents

Title 1.807 Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking: Personal Information

Title 1.81 Customer Records

Title 1.81.1 Confidentiality of Social Security Numbers

Title 1.81.15 Reader Privacy Act

Title 1.81.2 Confidentiality of Driver's License Information

Title 1.81.23 Collection of License Plate Information

Title 1.81.25 Consumer Privacy Protection

Title 1.81.27 Commercial Use of Booking Photographs

Title 1.81.3 Identity Theft

Title 1.81.4 Privacy of Customer Electrical or Natural Gas Usage Data

Title 1.82 Business Records

Chapter 1 Definitions

Chapter 2 Disclosures

Chapter 3 Civil Remedies

Title 1.83 Precomputed Interest

Title 1.84 Precomputed Finance Charge Contract

Title 1.85 Consumer Credit Contracts

Title 1.86 Consumer Contract Awareness Act of 1990

Title 2 Credit Sales

Chapter 1 Retail Installment Sales

Chapter 2 Credit Transactions Regarding Women

Chapter 3 Retail Credit Advisory Committee [Repealed]

Title 2.4 Contracts For Dance Studio Lessons And Other Services

Title 2.5 Contracts For Health Studio Services

Title 2.55 Contracts for the Lease or Rental of Athletic Facilities

Title 2.6 Contracts for Discount Buying Services

Title 2.7 Contracts for Seller Assisted Marketing Plans

Title 2.8 Membership Camping Contracts

Title 2.9 Creditor Remedies: Disability Insurance

Title 2.91 Employment Agency, Employment Counseling, and Job Listing Services Act

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Chapter 2 Employment Agencies

Chapter 3 Employment Counseling Services

Chapter 4 Job Listing Services

Chapter 5 Records

Chapter 6 Remedies and Enforcement

Chapter 7 Nurses' Registries

Chapter 8 Long–Term Care Facilities

Title 2.95 Auctioneer and Auction Companies

Title 2.96 California Rental–Purchase Act

Title 2.97 Consumer Collection Notice

Title 3 Deposit

Chapter 1 Deposit in General

Chapter 2 Deposit for Keeping

Chapter 3 Deposit for Exchange

Chapter 4 Private Bulk Storage of Grain

Title 3.5 Utility Services

Title 4 Loan

Chapter 1 Loan for Use

Chapter 1.5 Loans to Museums for Indefinite or Long Terms

Chapter 2 Loan for Exchange

Chapter 3 Loan of Money

Usury Law

Chapter 3.5 Shared Appreciation Loans

Chapter 4 Shared Appreciation Loans of E.R.I.S.A. Pension Funds

Chapter 5 Shared Appreciation Loans

Chapter 6 Loans of E.R.I.S.A. Pension Funds

Chapter 7 Shared Appreciation Loans For Seniors

Chapter 7.5 Mortgage Loans

Chapter 8 Reverse Mortgages

Title 4.5 Appraisals of Real Property [Repealed]

Title 5 Hiring

Chapter 1 Hiring in General

Chapter 2 Hiring of Real Property

Chapter 2.6 Commercial Rental Control

Chapter 2.7 Residential Rent Control

Chapter 3 Hiring of Personal Property

Chapter 4 Identification of Property Owners

Chapter 4.5 Disposition of Personal Property Upon Request of Tenant

Chapter 5 Disposition of Personal Property Remaining on Premises at Termination of Tenancy

Chapter 5.5 Disposition of Property Remaining on Premises at Termination of Commercial Tenancy

Chapter 6 Assignment and Sublease

Chapter 7 Use Restrictions

Title 6 Service

Chapter 1 Service with Employment [Repealed]

Chapter 2 Particular Employments

Chapter 3 Service Without Employment

Chapter 4 Lost and Unclaimed Property

Title 7 Carriage

Chapter 1 Carriage in General

Chapter 2 Carriage of Persons

Chapter 3 Carriage of Property

Chapter 4 Carriage of Messages

Chapter 5 Common Carriers

Title 8 Involuntary Trusts

Title 9 Agency

Chapter 1 Agency in General

Chapter 2 Particular Agencies

Chapter 3 Statutory Short Form Power of Attorney [Repealed]

Chapter 3.5 Uniform Statutory Form Power of Attorney Act [Repealed]

Chapter 4 Statutory Form Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care [Repealed]

Chapter 5 Miscellaneous Provisions Relating to Powers of Attorney [Repealed]

Title 10 Recording Artist Contracts

Title 10a Unincorporated Nonprofit Associations and Their Members [Repealed]

Title 11 Pharmaceutical Services

Title 12 Indemnity

Title 13 Suretyship

Title 13.5 Obligation To Defend Action

Title 13.7 [Inoperative] Obligation To Settle Insurance Claims Fairly

Title 14 Lien

Chapter 1 Liens in General

Chapter 2 Mortgage

Chapter 2a Home Equity Loan Disclosure Act

Chapter 2b Automobile Sales Finance Act

Chapter 2c Real Property Sales Contracts

Chapter 2d Vehicle Leasing Act

Chapter 2e Controlled Escrows

Chapter 3 Pledge [Repealed]

Chapter 3a Trust Receipts [Repealed]

Chapter 3b Assignment of Accounts Receivable [Repealed]

Chapter 3c Inventory Liens [Repealed]

Chapter 3.5 Health Care Liens

Chapter 4 Hospital Liens

Chapter 5 Respondentia [Repealed]

Chapter 6 Other Liens

Chapter 6.5 Liens on Vehicles

Chapter 6.7 Livestock Service Lien

Chapter 7 Stoppage in Transit

Chapter 8 Design Professionals’ Liens [Repealed]

Title 15 Works of Improvement [Repealed]

Chapter 1 General Definitions [Repealed]

Chapter 2 Mechanics’ Liens [Repealed]

Chapter 3 Stop Notices for Private Works of Improvement [Repealed]

Chapter 4 Stop Notice for Public Work [Repealed]

Chapter 5 General Provisions Relating to Bonds [Repealed]

Chapter 6 Payment Bond for Private Works [Repealed]

Chapter 7 Payment Bond for Public Works [Repealed]

Chapter 8 Miscellaneous Provisions [Repealed]

Title 16 General Provisions

Title 17 Year 2000 Information Disclosures

Title 18 Providers of Health and Safety Labor or Services


Part 1 Relief

Title 1 Relief in General

Title 2 Compensatory Relief

Chapter 1 Damages in General

Chapter 2 Measure of Damages

Title 3 Specific and Preventive Relief

Chapter 1 General Principles

Chapter 1.5 Investment Advisers

Chapter 2 Specific Relief

Chapter 3 Preventive Relief

Title 4 Uniform Single Publication Act

Title 5 Uniform Trade Secrets Act

Title 6 Interference With Access to Health Care

Title 7 Duty of Health Care Service Plans and Managed Care Entities

Part 2 Special Relations of Debtor and Creditor

Title 1 General Principles

Title 2 Void and Voidable Transfers and Undertakings

Chapter 1 Uniform Voidable Transactions Act

Chapter 2 Conveyance of Personal Property Without Delivery

Chapter 3 Undertaking in Voidable Transfer Action

Title 3 Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors [Repealed]

Part 3 Nuisance

Title 1 General Principles

Title 2 Public Nuisances

Title 3 Private Nuisances

Title 4 Motion Pictures

Part 4 Maxims Of Jurisprudence

Part 5 Common Interest Developments

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Chapter 2 Application of Act

Chapter 3 Governing Documents

Chapter 4 Ownership and Transfer of Interests

Chapter 5 Property Use and Maintenance

Chapter 6 Association Governance

Chapter 7 Finances

Chapter 8 Assessments and Assessment Collection

Chapter 9 Insurance and Liability

Chapter 10 Dispute Resolution and Enforcement

Chapter 11 Construction Defect Litigation

Part 5.3 Commercial and Industrial Common Interest Developments

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Chapter 2 Application of Act

Chapter 3 Governing Documents

Chapter 4 Ownership and Transfer of Interests

Chapter 5 Property Use and Maintenance

Chapter 6 Association Governance

Chapter 7 Assessments and Assessment Collection

Chapter 8 Insurance and Liability

Chapter 9 Dispute Resolution and Enforcement

Chapter 10 Construction Defect Litigation

Part 5.5 Automatic Checkout System

Part 6 Works of Improvement

Title 1 Works of Improvement Generally

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Chapter 2 Notice

Chapter 3 Waiver and Release

Chapter 4 Bonds

Title 2 Private Works of Improvement

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Chapter 2 Preliminary Notice

Chapter 3 Design Professionals Lien

Chapter 4 Mechanics Lien

Chapter 5 Stop Payment Notice

Chapter 6 Payment Bond

Chapter 7 Security for Large Project

Chapter 8 Prompt Payment

Title 3 Public Work of Improvement

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Chapter 2 Completion

Chapter 3 Preliminary Notice

Chapter 4 Stop Payment Notice

Chapter 5 Payment Bond

Part 7 Uniform Parentage Act [Repealed]

Part 8 Automatic Checkout System